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Putting some Order in our leisure spaces is challenging. Human beings need order and structure to cope with the complexities of life.

We may try to act like we don’t care about order, but if someone didn’t organize the watercraft on the dock, gaining access to them could be chaotic and unsafe.

“Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.” Henry Adams

Even the basalt rocks of Devil’s Postpile shown here in Mammoth Lakes have an order to them that lead to their final crumbling back into chaos.

Devils Postpile Mammoth Lakes

Windsurfing is one of those sports that requires order and a sense of chaos all at once. Sails have to be rigged carefully and in a particular order, or it will fail in the middle of the water, leaving one to swim back to shore. At the same time, there is a capriciousness to the wind and the adventure is found there.

This photo shows windsurf sails carefully lined up in salute to a fallen sailor who passed away a few years ago from an extended illness.

Windsurf Sails SaluteThe weekly photo challenge is all about order this week.

Speaking of leisure, I am participating in a ladies’ windsurf clinic this weekend with a pro from Holland, Arrianne Aukes. I hope to learn some good stuff from her female perspective in this largely male sport!

Do you prefer your leisure spaces orderly or chaotic?

22 thoughts on “There is Order in Our Leisure Spaces

  1. I’m more impressed that you’re taking windsurfing lessons from a pro – you GO girl!! I tried it and while I did get up and going it was clear I’d never be any good at it!!

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  2. I admire those who live life more carefree…but order continues to call my name! I love the necessary balance of structure and chaos that this post and photos so brilliantly illustrate!

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  3. I like order… but apparently not enough to keep the chaos away! My mother had this quote on her desk at work: “Those who always have a neat desk will never know the joy of finding something you thought was irretrievably lost.” I have to agree 🙂

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  4. Also an order to paying tribute to those who have passed. Maybe the order helps control the bedlam we’d all be living in otherwise and allows a semblance of freedom so we can return to order.

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      1. Too much going on?? Or maybe it’s the one place we can be a little crazy?? How boring if everything were perfect, right?

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