Snow falls for a brief time in Lake Tahoe in May

The weekly photo challenge suggests sharing our fleeting moments, those memories that will soon disappear and pass out of sight.

“It’s a moment that I am after, a fleeting moment, but not a frozen moment!” Andrew Wyeth

When spring and summer descent upon Northern California, you know it! But when winter descends onto a perfectly sunny late spring day in Lake Tahoe, it is Evanescent!

Snow in May creates a fleeting moment.


May is National Water Safety MonthIn the U.S., Memorial Day weekend begins today and ushers in summer fun! This is my last plea to ask people to be safe in and around any bodies of water (even chilly Lake Tahoe–the snow is melting quickly)!


May is National Water Safety Month! Please wear a life-jacket!

38 thoughts on “Evanescent Spring Snow

  1. Great shot, Terri, but… brrr! We have finally found spring and even a touch of summer, in Belgium, Holland and Hungary. Life is good! In two weeks, we will be back in the Bay area. Looking forward to living in California again. 🙂

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