Original image by Kimberly Glaster

Change is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Marriage makes you vulnerable and strong. It brings out the best and worst of you, and then it CHANGES YOU in ways you could never have expected…for the better. -Maggie Reyes

What better way to depict change than to share a photo of my husband and I showing a 34-year span. This was on our cake table at our wedding in 2013. We knew each other from high school in San Diego, then reconnected 31 years later in Northern California via Facebook.

Maybe our appearances haven’t changed too much…I’m told we still look the same. But I am forever changed by being his partner and the joy he brings me.

18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

  1. Terri! What a heartwarming tribute to your marriage and the love you share! Thank you for posting this!!
    Happy weekend and I love your photos btw!

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  2. Love this post. I’m married to my high school sweetheart too! In fact we have known each other since kindergarten, growing up within a few miles of one another. We lived many places over the years and traveled extensively. I have come to understand that what made all those moves and the travel easy was the fact that we show with a shared history.

    All my best to you.

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