Spending time with our precious family

Wishing for More Time with Elderly Loved Ones

I recently led a discussion with my university students on the subject of aging and leisure and the physical and mental effects of aging on our bodies and on our society. When we age, of course our bodies naturally slow down. My students took a short, online assessment "How Long Will I Live?"  and had to …

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Change

Change is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Marriage makes you vulnerable and strong. It brings out the best and worst of you, and then it CHANGES YOU in ways you could never have expected...for the better. -Maggie Reyes What better way to depict change than to share a photo of my husband and I …

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Writing 101: Fear of Fear

What do I fear?  Writing 101 prompts us to write in a style different from our own. Things I fear from retiring at age 55: I fear I will lose…friends, family, funds. I fear I will become…fat, frumpy, feebleminded and foolish. I fear failure and fries… yes, fries! BUT, With a leap of faith, And …

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Sunday Dinner: Writing 101

I have fond memories of Sunday dinners at my grandparents’ house in Lemon Grove, a suburb of San Diego. We only lived about a mile away, so every Sunday for several years, we would drive over to their house in the late afternoon and visit until dinner was ready. When we were much younger, my …

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Fitness Graphic

Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress

Now that you have committed to improving your fitness, what is keeping you motivated? Many companies and organizations are invested in the health and wellness of their employees. It is a fact that healthy employees who engage in fitness and other wellness activities perform better in the workplace. The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism states: “For …

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whale and windsurfers

A Day in the Life of a Delta Windsurfer

Today is Leisurely Thursday and my feature shares thoughts about sports and ageing as well as highlights a day in the life of a Sacramento delta windsurfer. If you follow my blog, you know that I windsurf. So? you may ask? A lot of people do fun leisure activities. I basically started windsurfing to impress …

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That’s What Friends are For

I have always believed that I was rich… in my social relationships. Humans are designed to build social capital, “ the network of social connections that exist between people, and their shared values and norms of behavior, which enable and encourage mutually advantageous social cooperation.” (Dictionary.com) The photo above embodies my recent relationships I have …

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Perspectives On…Happy Birthdays

December 4 marks a major birthday milestone for me today. The BIG 5-5! Why is age 55 a milestone you might ask? Why not 60 or 70? If you follow my blog you know that I retire in less than three weeks. For public employees who have been working in the government and public service …

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