WordPress deleted Press This Button

WordPress Deleted “Press This” Button

Good news, the "Press This" button is now back and working. See more information from Hugh's Views and News here. Use this URL to find your "Press This" button. I went to my admin panel and could not find it. As Bloggers, we love the tools that make our blogging experiences easier and more efficient. In …

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Four Reason to Attend a Blogging Conference

Four Reasons to Attend a Blogging Conference

In September, I had the pleasure of attending not one, but two blogging conferences in my hometown of Sacramento, California. WordCamp Sacramento 2017 focused on WordPress developers and website design, but had an entire bloggers track. This alone brought in over 200 more attendees than previous WordCamps. The International Food Bloggers Conference, aka IFBC, spent …

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wordcamp logo and speaker photo

Speaker Interview With Terri Webster Schrandt – WordCamp Sacramento 2017

My 15 minutes of fame as a presenter comes this weekend at the WordCamp Sacramento 2017 conference! I cannot believe how fortunate I am to be able to attend not one, but two, local blogging conferences in September! In January, I shared "Need More Inspiration? Attend a Blogging Event" encouraging bloggers to meet other bloggers …

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wordcamp sacramento logo

Meet The WordCamp Sacramento 2017 Speakers: Round 2

In light of the upcoming Annual Bloggers Bash this weekend, and feeling slightly left out...(as in I really would like to go to this some day)... ...I am excited to announce that I was selected to be a speaker/panelist for the 2017 Sacramento WordCamp coming in September! I will be presenting ideas in the panel …

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sunset shine

Windsurf Locals Shine

My heart belongs to water sports as my favorite leisure pastimes. Stand-up paddling tops the list, with windsurfing a close second. We spend our summer weekends at the Sacramento River Delta as Local (s) in our windsurf club. You may have noticed I have not posted anything in a few weeks, because of a necessary blogging …

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Editorial-Calendar Perspectives On Blog

What’s On My Editorial Calendar?

If you are a blogger with a busy life, you know how important it is to have some sort of calendar. In Blogging 201, we were recently assigned the task to use our blog stats to set up a 30-day editorial calendar. My stats show certain days are better for publishing posts. This may show different …

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