sunset shine

My heart belongs to water sports as my favorite leisure pastimes. Stand-up paddling tops the list, with windsurfing a close second. We spend our summer weekends at the Sacramento River Delta as Local (s) in our windsurf club.

You may have noticed I have not posted anything in a few weeks, because of a necessary blogging break. I shared a post about the break but because of two issues with my blog website, the post disappeared. Some of you read it and knew I was on this short break.

Well, I’m ba-aaa-ack…!

Without going into details just yet, my blog was broken. All my images were disappearing. My blog was self-hosted since mid-April, and I even before the image problems, I decided to make the move back to WordPress dot com. Watch for a post soon tentatively titled “Blogging Break or Broken Blog: Is there a Difference?”

My favorite blogging event is the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Because I missed the last two weeks of the challenge, I’m now able to combine two challenges.

I took this photo in August of my hubby getting in a light-wind session. The sun Shine  was at the perfect angle for this amazing reflection!

I’ve been missing you all and thanks for hanging in there with me!

23 thoughts on “Windsurf Locals Shine

  1. Sorry to hear about the self-hosting woes. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard of issues with blog migration :(. Oh well glad to see you back in the photo challenge frenzy always enjoy what you post!

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  2. Well, welcome back to WordPress, and welcome back from the blogging break, Terri.
    Sorry to hear about the problems with the self-hosting. I don’t think I’ll ever move to self-hosting because of the problems people seem to encounter with it. I know WordPress can be frustrating at times, but it’s such a relief knowing that The Happiness Engineers are there.

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  3. Welcome back Terri! I did receive this post through email, so I guess I’m still a subscriber, lol. The photo is gorgeous, and sorry about the WP grief. It seems too many of us have had our share of Weirdpress woes. ❤

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  4. Welcome back, Terri. I’m sorry to hear about these issues. WP seems to be very reliable despite occasional glitches, and a not very customer focused and inclusive decision making approach.
    It is going to be easier to find your posts in the reader.
    Wow, and what a photo to return! Chapeau. Gorgeous reflection.
    Have a great weekend.

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  5. Ups, I just changed to self hosting and am still sorting out a few issues (and took a break from that 😉 I’m sure I’ll encounter more hiccups but hope to learn from it. Good luck with reconnecting your images, I’ve been there too…

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