Are Challenges Beneath You?

Experiential Education allows students to attempt challenges and face their fears.

Experiential Education allows students to attempt challenges and face their fears.

Teaching at a university certainly gives me interesting perspectives. Recently, as part of one of my classes in the recreation and parks major, we got to spend the day team-building and climbing. On our university campus, Peak Adventures Challenge Center offers a high-ropes course, open to students, staff and the public.

Students are required to take part in this day-long challenge as part of a writing assignment on motivation and adventure. In the above photo, I captured three students climbing on three different apparatuses.

One student wrote in her paper:

Students close-up of 40-feet high tightrope shows determination and motivation.

“Climbing up the pole was the hardest part of the journey. What makes this challenge so special to me is I can relate the tightrope challenge to my life. I would have never attempted this on my own, so why go now? Well, it was part of my grade. You would think that would be motivation enough, but no. My motivation was about my future and my career. How can I move forward and advance if I refuse to try new things?”

She got an A on this paper.

Speaking of perspectives, here is what she looked like on the tightrope from underneath looking up. The platform with the sign is 12 feet above my head.

Student crosses the highwire at the Peak Adventures Challenge Course

Just a mere 40-feet in the air. No. Big. Deal.

Because my knee injury still prevents me from putting weight on the knee during a climb, I spent the afternoon UNDER the ropes taking photos.

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