Empty Hours Foster Creativity

In our busy lives, we often forget to take some quiet time for ourselves. By the way, sleeping does not count. I love this quote because it speaks to me. Each time I have partaken in a quiet leisure activity, even if it is just sitting and contemplating in a natural setting, creative energy flows … Continue reading Empty Hours Foster Creativity

Wind and Water: Muses from Leisure

Muse What inspires you? What gets your blood pumping? Is it great food, good company or a task well-done? If you are a photographer or writer, amateur or pro, what is your muse for a beautiful photo or an insightful blog post or story? The Weekly Photo Challenge asks us this question. If you follow … Continue reading Wind and Water: Muses from Leisure

Got Wind? One Word Photo Challenge

For this week's One Word Photo Challenge, the theme is WIND! No self-respecting windsurfer would be without a plethora of photos of the sport!  I am going to dial it back and give you this one shot... in a collage. I went out earlier when the wind was blowing about 30 mph. First time on … Continue reading Got Wind? One Word Photo Challenge