Empty Hours Foster Creativity



In our busy lives, we often forget to take some quiet time for ourselves. By the way, sleeping does not count.

I love this quote because it speaks to me. Each time I have partaken in a quiet leisure activity, even if it is just sitting and contemplating in a natural setting, creative energy flows through me in the form of thinking of ideas for my blog, recalling a long-lost song, or remembering a scent that brings to mind a distant memory. Some of this quiet time is spent in the Word of God, reading, or simply refreshing my mind.

retreat-mugIf we were having coffee, you and I would sit quietly outside, enjoying our beverage. No words would be needed because we are languishing in our contemplation in companionable silence.

Do you have a leisure activity that fosters your creativity? Take a few moments to think on this idea. Please share what inspires your creativity in a comment.

Wind and Water: Muses from Leisure

View from Shelter Island in San Diego looking toward downtown

What inspires you? What gets your blood pumping? Is it great food, good company or a task well-done? If you are a photographer or writer, amateur or pro, what is your muse for a beautiful photo or an insightful blog post or story?

The Weekly Photo Challenge asks us this question.

If you follow my blog, you know that wind and water are my twin muses. As an avid board sport enthusiast, wind and water attract me like a moth to flame, or a duck to water (wink). I also can’t get enough of pine covered mountains.

There is nothing like the inspiration of leisure to be the muse for many people. I hope you enjoy this collection of some of my favorite leisure spaces.

Got Wind? One Word Photo Challenge


For this week’s One Word Photo Challenge, the theme is WIND!

No self-respecting windsurfer would be without a plethora of photos of the sport!  I am going to dial it back and give you this one shot… in a collage.

original images by D. Imre

I went out earlier when the wind was blowing about 30 mph. First time on a smaller board and I was overpowered.

Wind like this brings out the pros perfecting their loops and jumps. Most of the ladies gave up while the guys borrowed their smallest sails…and the wind just kept blowing!

Join Jennifer Nichole Wells’ weekly photo challenge any time!

Vivid Watercraft

Kids enjoying water sports at the Aquatic Center

Summer Day Camp in full swing as kids enjoy kayaking and paddle-boating while learning important water skills at the Sacramento State Aquatic Center.

I couldn’t resist and added a second entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge!