Elephant Rock, Valley of Fire

Wordless Wednesday: Afternoon De-Light

I'm sharing three photos for Becky B's January Squares Challenge today for Wordless Wednesday. The theme for these images is "Afternoon Delight" taken while on our winter road trip. Before dinner on Christmas Eve, we walked along the Sail Bay side of Pacific Beach in San Diego. The light was amazing! Afternoon Light on Pacific …

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One Door Opens

Door What is the old saying? "As one door closes, another door opens." For the Weekly Photo Challenge, I submit two doors. I walked out of this door for the last time in December when I retired. This door represented 30+ years of work in the public recreation field. Situated in a community center, this …

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San Diego’s Pacific Beach and Downtown Skyline

We are enjoying a short vacation in beautiful San Diego. Spent Sunday morning on Mission Bay, stand-up paddling with my husband, step-daughter and step-son. After paddling we had lunch at a little Greek bistro, then walked over to Pacific Beach boardwalk. Later we went to dinner in Point Loma at a wonderful seafood shop and …

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