Children playing in swimming pool

The Wonders of the Public Pool

I have managed to combine three photo challenges into this one photograph. Summer in July finds children counting the minutes until their neighborhood public swimming pool opens for the day. Although I no longer oversee the daily operations of these pools, I do appreciate the lengths leisure professionals must go to to ensure clean, safe …

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Summer Zinneas

Still Looking for Photo Challenges?

Since the WordPress weekly photo challenge ended a few weeks ago, many bloggers are still searching for photo challenges in which to showcase their photographic talents and images. The word "challenge" is a bit of a misnomer, as everyone is not necessarily in a photography competition, but rather, a showcase of our hobbies and talents. …

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Dragonfly nymph sheds into adulthood

WPC: Thanks for the Photographic Memories

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has been a staple on my blog since January 2015, when I began submitting to its new theme each week.  This is the last week that the weekly photo challenge will prompt bloggers like myself to stretch our imaginations and take a photograph that depicts the theme. The last theme, appropriately is All-Time …

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Joys of an urban forest

No Willing Exit in an Autumn Forest

A serene walk last October in the urban forest of Dishman Hills, Spokane, Washington. An autumn forest is such a place that once entered, you never look for the exit. Mehmet Murat Ildan I just love a photo challenge trifecta, don't you? Submitting the sublime Glow of the Dogwood trees for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. Join Becca …

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candy closeup

Nostalgic About Halloween Candy

Halloween is right around the corner and the stores are loaded with bags of candy for trick-or-treaters. I love my weekly photo challenges and I couldn't believe that the planets (or pumpkins?) aligned for a photo challenge trifecta! Nothing is more nostalgic than a bowl of candy for Halloween. I remember loving Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie …

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Auntie and Me

One Word Photo Challenge: Aunt

For almost one year, I have participated in the One Word Photo Challenge hosted by Jennifer Nicole Wells. My first posts were interpretations of a color. When the colors ran out, types of weather became the new challenge, many for which I had a hard time finding photos.  This next challenge, read here, is "people, …

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Reflections of a Summer Day at the Sacramento State Aquatics Center

Photo Challenge: Reflections of a Summer Day

As I sit here enjoying the fall colors that finally made it to Sacramento, I am now reflecting on the summer….but only because I am combining two photo challenges for today's blog post. I live close to the Sacramento State Aquatic Center and am delighted to go there often, whether I am stand-up paddling, visiting …

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Cold December in Lake Tahoe

One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

Although winter seems like a distant season away, Winter is the theme for the One Word Photo Challenge. November is here and brought some rain to Northern California and we can look forward to cooler days and (finally!) cold nights. In this photo taken in South Lake Tahoe in early December 2009 near the Heavenly …

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Smoky-Sun Smoke from nearby wildfire obscures the sun and filters an eerie orange glow.

Coffee and Smoke from a Distant Fire

Today I am combining two of my favorite blogging events into one post. Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Part-Time Monster and One Word Photo Challenge: Wildfire, hosted by Jennifer Nichole Wells. If we were having coffee today, we would be sitting indoors, because it is hot outside, and because it is smoky from a huge …

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One Word Photo Challenge: Drought

Yeah, I know, another post about the California drought, yada yada. But, appropriately, drought is the subject of this week's One Word Photo Challenge hosted by the talented Jennifer Nichole Wells. My poor marigolds didn't quite make it. I even replanted their seeds, but no. Too hot, too dry. Here is our official watering schedule. …

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Snow in August? One Word Photo Challenge

I lied. If it snowed in August, this photo would have been taken in Alaska. So, I give you...wait for it... ...snow in December! Does it make you feel cool? This is the view from my father's house in the Sierra Nevada foothills. And yes, it was at Christmas. Snow is the theme for Jennifer …

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Foggy Sunrise

Foggy is the theme for Jennifer Nichole Wells' One Word Photo Challenge. The fog rises slowly in Malibu in August, creating an ethereal quality in the air. Off camera were lines of morning surfers eagerly awaiting the waves. In a similar photo taken a couple of years later in December, a foggy winter sunrise brings …

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Broken Clouds Equal Humidity

Living in Northern California, I do not pretend to know much about humidity. Having lived in San Diego where humidity can be a factor in late summer, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I realized Nor Cal has low humidity as a rule. My curly hair frizzes when exposed to humidity, so it loves …

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