Although winter seems like a distant season away, Winter is the theme for the One Word Photo Challenge. November is here and brought some rain to Northern California and we can look forward to cooler days and (finally!) cold nights.

In this photo taken in South Lake Tahoe in early December 2009 near the Heavenly Ski Resort gondola area, it was so cold, even the water in the fountain froze. There was no snow on the ground (yet), but the temperature was 17 degrees Fahrenheit with a pretty good wind chill factor.

Cold December in Lake Tahoe

Are you ready for winter yet? I’m happy Fall has finally arrived!

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30 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Winter

  1. Gorgeous picture, Terri! Funny, I watched a show about Lake Tahoe last week. Beautiful place. The houses/cottages/cabins/retreats/chalets…were to die for. I’m on the east coast (New Hampshire). After last year’s never-ending winter, I’m in no rush for snow.

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      1. Every time you publish a new post stumble it. Janice has a StumbleUpon group, where people stumble each other’s posts, too. Which is an awesome idea. I simply don’t have time. Otherwise I’d join. But check it out.

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  2. What a cool photo here! I can feel the 17° weather from the frozen fountain pictured here! Yikes! I must admit that I’m sorry to see summer go but I’m glad that the rain has come to California and cooler temperatures as well. However I’m not really ready for winter even though it will soon arrive. New York City has been enjoying very warm temperatures right now in the high 60s and low 70s.:) I’m thrilled! Sending you all my very best lots of love and friendship,

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      1. Oh I’m glad the weather has been nice and you’ll get much needed rain this weekend… I’m moved into my new place, thanks! Still sorting boxes and such and awaiting cable/wifi to be installed next week but doing very well!! Thanks my friend:))

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  3. It’s perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing….except maybe if the pond itself was frozen…with a dusting of powdery snow on top…maybe a couple of 3-foot drifts against the buildings…A 2015 Skidoo cruising down the street…otherwise perfect! 😀

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      1. Well, I sure do miss it sometimes. I don’t want four months of winter, but I miss seasons (living in Texas, with our two stages of hot).

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