Maple begins to turn to seed

Monthly Photo Challenge: Deceptive December

After one year of posting photographs of my little Chinese Maple tree for the monthly feature The Changing Seasons, this is the final post.  The above photo was not edited other than to crop, frame and watermark it. My title "Deceptive December" intends to show how quickly the maple tree flamed into its Fall glory, …

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Chinese maple leaves in close-up after the rain

Monthly Photo Challenge: Autumn’s Blush

Autumn had a very s-l-o-wwwww start here in Northern California. On Halloween the temperature was 86 degrees. The next day, November 1st, it rained. All day. Then the next. The nights finally got cold enough to push the deciduous trees into their autumn dormancy, hence the changing leaf colors. November is the second to last …

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October Maple Reflection

Monthly Photo Challenge: Green is the New Orange

I am participating in Cardinal Guzman's year-long monthly photo challenge that began in January. Each month bloggers post photos of their neighborhood or an area that will show the changing seasons over one year. I chose my front yard's Chinese Maple tree. When I started this challenge in January, the maple tree was bare. (Go …

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The More Things Change…

You have no doubt heard the saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." This is the theme of today's weekend coffee share post and Cardinal Guzman's Monthly Photo Challenge. What will you have today? Let's start with some coffee or tea and let me explain. If you regularly follow my blog, …

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Dry July: Monthly Photo Challenge

Dry is still the theme in my photos for the monthly photo challenge hosted by Cardinal Guzman. Last month I posted for June and called it "Dry June." Since I am so clever and it is still dry, and it rhymes with July, there you have the title of this post. Not a lot of photos to …

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Monthly Photo Challenge: Dry June

The first half of the month of June has brought record heat and record rain. And record dryness as the drought continues to plague California. For Cardinal Guzman's Monthly Photo Challenge: The changing seasons, I am adding these photos. You can see that despite the vivid, green leaves on trees and plants, the grass is …

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Monthly Photo Challenge: May Flowers

"April showers bring May flowers" least that's what the old adage promises. Despite the lack of April showers here in Northern California, we managed to get some pretty flowers and full foliage in the trees. I have heard that pansies are like a monkey flower--they mimic the monkey that's looking at it! I wish you …

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Monthly Photo Challenge: April Maple

Now that Spring is here (at least in warm, arid, dry California), gardens and yards are full of colors and... ALLERGIES! AAAAAAACHHHOOOOOO! We get a strong North wind this time of year that stirs up tree pollen and other sneezy stuff. I have been following the Monthly Photo Challenge, the Changing Seasons. See below for …

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Chinese Maple tree

Monthly Photo Challenge, the Changing Seasons: March

March is here and spring has sprung! Much of the USA has been dealing with cold, extreme weather, while the West Coast is experiencing a fourth dry year. Aside from the vernal equinox, and some countries changing to daylight savings time (still feeling the effects!), March also celebrates Pi Day (3-14) and St Patrick's Day. …

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Chinese Maple tree

Monthly Photo Challenge, the Changing Seasons: February

February can be an interesting month. Still winter for the northern hemisphere and those living here are ready for spring. There is Valentine's Day to help the month along, and in the states, we have a couple of presidents' birthdays as holidays (for all you working folks 🙂 ). Otherwise, poor February is still a …

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Chinese maple January

Changing Seasons: Monthly Photo Challenge

A new photo challenge is available, this one by Cardinal Guzman I love the changing seasons and my photo will be a simple entry. This is my Chinese Maple tree in my front yard. Boring, huh? The maple still has some desperately clinging leaves. You can see the fog in the background, typical of Sacramento …

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