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Sunday Stills: Life in a #Waterworld

Memorial Day in the US is the traditional start to summer, which brings throngs of people to lakes, rivers and oceans. Perhaps, but not in 2020… the threats of exposure and illness from the coronavirus keep people home and away from their favorite leisure spaces. Even as most US states have opened up for …

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Middle School kids sporting their life jackets walk toward the river.

Danger Averted, Too!

While out on a bike ride this morning on the American River Biketrail, I caught a group of middle-schoolers sporting their life-jackets. Seeing this made me very happy as they began their walk toward the water. Bonus points for the bicyclist sitting with his bandaged knee, who apparently experienced a little Danger! of this own! He …

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Is a Life-Jacket in Your Beach Bag?

Is a Life Jacket in Your Beach Bag?

Part Two of my series for "May is National Water Safety Month" covers information on life jackets. Any activity in and around water has potential for risk. As a former swim lesson instructor, I constantly taught children (and adults!) about water safety. I am always incredulous as to why parents send their young child out …

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Five Tips for Water Safety: May is National Water Safety Month

The American River Parkway Foundation sponsors the Kids Don't Float Campaign on the Sacramento County waterways. See this previous post. Last year, in August 2014, a young man in our windsurf association club initiated this project on Sherman Island as part of his Eagle Scout project. Raising the funds to put this sign up and offer free use …

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Kids Wearing Lifejackets

“Somehow I Kept My Head Above Water”

As a former Aquatics Director, the chlorine has never really left my bloodstream. Though I'm now retired, I am still acutely aware of the world of swimming and aquatics around me. At the Sacramento delta, where I windsurf, I am surrounded by water and remind myself that one false move could be my last. Any activity …

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