Weekly Photo Challenges: The Calm…After The Rain


Lenticular clouds curve over the delta after a summer storm.As a blogger and amateur photographer, I love it when the planets align and I can submit one photo for two photo challenges.

This week, Hugh Roberts of Hugh’s Views and News, challenges bloggers to depict “after” in a photograph.

If that wasn’t hard enough, trying to find an appropriate photo for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge theme Curve was much more difficult than I had imagined. So much for a quick post!

I was pleased to find this photo from last year showing the curving levee road near our windsurf camp in the Sacramento Delta. Since this is a windy location, the lenticular clouds form after stormy weather, further shaped by the wind into these curvy, disk-like shapes.

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Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Glorious

Glorious… “having a striking beauty or splendor that evokes feelings of delighted admiration.”

Glory comes in the form of a Baja sunrise over the Sea of Cortez.

After every dark night comes a glorious morning of a new day


“After every dark night comes a glorious morning of a new day”― Sunday Adelaja

Glory also comes with admiring a view of lower Yosemite Falls in the spring time.

Lower Yosemite Falls


“Another glorious Sierra day in which one seems to be dissolved and absorbed and sent pulsing onward we know not where.” – John Muir


Glorious is the theme for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge.

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How Do You Find Solitude?

simply because I need solitude

simply because I need solitude

“Solitude” is the theme for this week’s photo challenge hosted by Hugh’s Views and News. 

Featured in this photo is my daughter finding a moment of solitude on the beach surrounded by other swimmers. Lost in her own world, she simply sits in the wet sand enjoying the sun as waves roll back and forth over her feet. I have several photos of her over the years in this very position.

What brings you solitude and where do you look for it? As a “former” introvert, I needed quiet time and solitude to recharge my battery after a long day. This quote suggests that asking to be left alone may be off-putting to others around us.

Many of us bloggers are likely introverts by nature given the fact that we love to read and prefer to get lost in a good book, rather than talk about our feelings or spend time socializing.

It is possible to grow out of being an introvert. By the time I reached my mid-40s and experienced graduate school with a classroom of 20-30-something students, I relished the social connections made during evening classes. By the time classes got done at 9:00 pm, trying to go to sleep at a decent hour after being charged up with great classroom debate was difficult. In my previous introverted days, three hours of social debate and discourse would have exhausted me and bedtime would have been welcomed!

Although I classify as a mild extrovert according to Myers-Briggs Temperament Inventory, I still seek solitude in quiet places. I still get lost in a good book, and reading on the beach or in the mountains will take me into solitude quickly.

Temperament and personality assessment is a fascinating subject. Click on one of my old posts, “Brief Introductions to Temperaments” if you are interested.

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Where do you find solitude?

Are Challenges Beneath You?

Experiential Education allows students to attempt challenges and face their fears.

Experiential Education allows students to attempt challenges and face their fears.

Teaching at a university certainly gives me interesting perspectives. Recently, as part of one of my classes in the recreation and parks major, we got to spend the day team-building and climbing. On our university campus, Peak Adventures Challenge Center offers a high-ropes course, open to students, staff and the public.

Students are required to take part in this day-long challenge as part of a writing assignment on motivation and adventure. In the above photo, I captured three students climbing on three different apparatuses.

One student wrote in her paper:

Students close-up of 40-feet high tightrope shows determination and motivation.

“Climbing up the pole was the hardest part of the journey. What makes this challenge so special to me is I can relate the tightrope challenge to my life. I would have never attempted this on my own, so why go now? Well, it was part of my grade. You would think that would be motivation enough, but no. My motivation was about my future and my career. How can I move forward and advance if I refuse to try new things?”

She got an A on this paper.

Speaking of perspectives, here is what she looked like on the tightrope from underneath looking up. The platform with the sign is 12 feet above my head.

Student crosses the highwire at the Peak Adventures Challenge Course

Just a mere 40-feet in the air. No. Big. Deal.

Because my knee injury still prevents me from putting weight on the knee during a climb, I spent the afternoon UNDER the ropes taking photos.

Hugh's weekly photo challengeThese photos are submitted for Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Under. Feel free to join any time!


Hugh’s Photo Challenge: Wrong Position?

Holding his daughter in the palm of his hand

Have you ever taken a photo that did not come out the way you expected? Most of us have seen the strange things growing out of heads or bodies in an otherwise beautiful picture.

This week, Hugh is challenging us to share a photo of something in the wrong position. Either I take really great photos or I have deleted the bad ones–more likely the latter. Still wanting to “play” along with this challenge, I found this gem.

My husband, step-daughter, and I were playing on our stand-up paddle boards at the delta in late August. She was doing some yoga poses and I took several photos!

Holding his daughter in the palm of his hand

You tell me; hand photo-bombed or artfully planned?

Whatever your opinion, these are hard to capture (at least for me). Sorry, Hugh, this was the best I could find in my seemingly endless photo collection.

Hugh's weekly photo challenge

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Love Means Never Having to Buy Your Own Wet Suit

Wetsuit is the best gift ever. Celebrate leisure.

Nothing says “LOVE” more than the gift of leisure. My very first gift from my husband (back when he was my boyfriend) was this wet suit. He REALLY wanted me to learn how to windsurf.

Wetsuit is the best gift ever. Celebrate leisure.

Isn’t it cute and girlie? It even says “pure girl.” Read my post “Wet Suit Dreams” for the full story.

Hugh's weekly photo challengeLove is still in the air a few days after Valentine’s Day. I submit this photo for Hughes Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 13–Love. 

Speaking of love, join other bloggers for “Just Fooling Around with Bee’s Love is In Da Blog.

Game Time!

Time for a game of boggle.

Got time for a game? Our leisure time should include games! Have you ever played Boggle? It is a fast-paced word game where players pick out words working against the clock. When my daughters were much younger and my mom was still able to travel, we would gather around the dining table and play several rounds of Boggle. Such a fun game, no wonder I like words!

Time for a game of boggle.


“Games” is the theme for Hughes Weekly Photo Challenge.  Because of Boggle’s requirement for using an hourglass to keep time for each round, I couldn’t resist adding this to the Weekly photo challenge: Time

Can you find some words in this photo? There are quite a few! The letters must touch each other going in any direction and cannot repeat. Share your answers in the comments!

Now…go play some games!


Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge–Week 11: Rust

Metal Aztec sun showing a little rust

If you have not heard of this weekly photo challenge, definitely check it out! This challenge comes from Hugh’s News and Views. This week’s theme is rust.

I took this photo of my old, rusty, Aztec-inspired metal sun attached to a shed in my backyard. He’s literally hanging in there!

Metal Aztec sun showing a little rust


Rust is created when certain metals oxidize.  The color of rust can be very beautiful and rich. Here is a rusty sunrise just for you, compliments of the Sea of Cortez in Baja Sur, Mexico.

A rusty sunrise over the Sea of Cortez, Baja Sur, Mexico

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