Love Means Never Having to Buy Your Own Wet Suit

Nothing says “LOVE” more than the gift of leisure. My very first gift from my husband (back when he was my boyfriend) was this wet suit. He REALLY wanted me to learn how to windsurf.

Wetsuit is the best gift ever. Celebrate leisure.

Isn’t it cute and girlie? It even says “pure girl.” Read my post “Wet Suit Dreams” for the full story.

Hugh's weekly photo challengeLove is still in the air a few days after Valentine’s Day. I submit this photo for Hughes Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 13–Love. 

Speaking of love, join other bloggers for “Just Fooling Around with Bee’s Love is In Da Blog.

16 thoughts on “Love Means Never Having to Buy Your Own Wet Suit

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  2. leannelc

    awww – he certainly picked the right woman didn’t he! I bet that wetsuit has been worn to death over the years (and yet you still have it!) Thanks for sharing on our #OTM link up ~ Leanne 🙂

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  3. This made me smile. My hubs bought me a set of pink tools! There have been many evenings when we’ve gone to the local home improvement store, and then out for a quick dinner. For us, it’s more about being together and just doing stuff. He likes to say, “Nothin’ says ‘romance’ like hardware!”

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  4. Well, that’s some first gift, Terri. He obviously wanted you to join him in all parts of his life. I think it’s a first for me hearing that somebody got a wet-suit as a first gift. Good on him, and good for you for trying the sport. I bet you’ve never looked back?

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