Summer Sun sets on windsurfer getting the last bits of wind.

Photography often inspires art, such as paintings, drawings, sculpture and even crafts. Photography itself is viewed as an art. Creativity is inspired using any type of media. This week’s weekly photo challenge is Life Imitates ArtΒ , asking photographers to find artwork to imitate through a photo.

Years ago, I used to dabble in painting and drawing. Fast forward to 2009, I mentioned to my windsurfing husband that I used to paint, after we discovered a flat piece of plywood worn down by the river. I thought it would make a fabulous canvas for a windsurfing painting. I found something online and kind of copied it.

As years went by, I have taken scads of windsurf photos. One late summer day, as the sun was setting low in the sky, I took some shots of my hubby sailing. Upon looking back on the photos, I realized that the above photo looks very much like my painting.

Here is my painting:

My interpretation of a windsurf sunset. Painted by me in 2009.

Here is the photo I found that helped inspire it.

inspiration for windsurf painting, from pinterest


Indeed, leisure imitates and creates art.



28 thoughts on “Leisure Imitates and Creates Art

  1. Oh wow! Ok that just gave me goosebumps…can you say Universe….whoa! When I saw the first picture I thought it such a fantastic picture and the sun is so huge…and then your painting is amazing, I love it..and finally the picture that inspired your painting. But I think your painting looks so much like the picture of your husband. In your painting in the sky on the left side there almost looks as if there is a face there, could it be you watching your future husband? Hmmm

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  2. Terri you are so talented. I love your painting and I always love your photography. I wish I was more creative perhaps I should just try more. You have inspired me. Have a great week.

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