Finding Your Fitness

Fitness is Still Where You Find It

January is the time of year when folks think and do something about their fitness and exercise regimens. It is very easy to give up on attempts at exercise when the weather is freezing cold or you and everyone around you are dealing with illnesses and colds. Even I have to force myself to get …

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Four New Year's Resolutions to Forget

Four New Years’ Resolutions to Forget

  How are your New Year's Resolutions going? That's what I thought...or perhaps you didn't make any. I don't blame you. But in the interest of focusing on health and wellness by way of better fitness, I've dug out a few old posts I wrote about fitness and will share these each Sunday over the …

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How I Dealt with SAD: Seasonal Affective Disorder

Ten Ways I Beat the Winter Blues

If you reside on planet Earth, you are aware of the storms and wild weather that have affected the U.S. and beyond. California has made the news, not for its famous 5-year drought, but for the record rain and mountain snowfall the entire state has experienced all winter. The rain and foul weather is a …

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Smorgasbord Health 2017

Smorgasbord Health 2017 – Before you begin that crash diet in the New Year!

I’m sharing this important information on weight loss goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I found something that works well for me. Each person who is considering managing his or her weight, or wants to embark on a fitness or wellness regimen should take a closer look at what Sally has to share on her blog! Wishing you a healthy New Year!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

Smorgasbord Health 2017

I will be repeating my weight reduction programme again in 2017. The programme is designed around your body’s needs rather than your desire to get into a size or two smaller. From a nutritional perspective it is vital that when you are removing unwanted weight that you still provide your body with the nutrients that are essential for health.

However before you make plans to buy the latest wonder diet products you might like to read this first.  You can reduce weight healthily and safely and a great deal cheaper by cooking from scratch and by taking moderate exercise.

The “diet industry” is worth billions of pounds/dollars a year. The body is 100,000 years old or so – yet it is only really in the last 50 years that we have been told by experts that we have been doing it all wrong for the last 99,950 of them…

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Recumbent bike

Spring Cycling

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere and it came in with cool mornings and warm afternoons. Spring also brought tree pollen which aggravates my allergies. With hankie at the ready, and the American River Bike Trail calling my name, I set out for a one-hour morning ride. I use the app, Map My Ride, …

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Fitness Graphic

Keeping Track of Your Fitness Progress

Now that you have committed to improving your fitness, what is keeping you motivated? Many companies and organizations are invested in the health and wellness of their employees. It is a fact that healthy employees who engage in fitness and other wellness activities perform better in the workplace. The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism states: “For …

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Backyard View

A Neighbor’s View

Nancy opened her blinds and smiled as she gazed out her bedroom window at the stately redwoods in her neighbor’s backyard. “I’m so glad Terri planted the trees so many years ago,” she thought. She winced in pain as she turned back to her bed and gingerly lay down, propping her pillow to continue witnessing …

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5 Tips for a Successful Bicycle Ride

 Bicycle, bicycle, bicycle... I want to ride my bicycle…Queen To end Fantastic February, my hubbie and I went on a bicycle ride on a rather blustery, cloudy afternoon. As I watched my husband’s back most of the ride, I enjoyed the critters and birds along the trail. We saw a herd of 15 deer run …

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Are You Tired of It Yet?

Are you tired of it yet? The constant ads about getting in shape, meeting your fitness goals, starting out your New Year right, yada yada? My e-mail box is full of great deals from retailers who want to get you in shape by offering new apps, new equipment, new this, new that, all for a new …

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