Sunday Stills: #Leaves have Fallen from the #Trees

Welp, it’s happened. Fall fell, at least here in Eastern Washington. Despite a lengthy Autumn due to warmer than normal temps in September and October, we experienced weeks of unprecedented Autumn color. Now comes November with the first frost and the leaves have danced to the ground into piles of color. Thankfully, no leaves in our yard. Yet.

“Fallen leaves lying on the grass in the November sun bring more happiness than daffodils.”

Cyril Connolly

The Sunday Stills theme this week is leaves and trees. No matter which hemisphere you live in, you have these!

Before the first frost and a few random snowflakes, our overnight temperatures were in the upper 30s to low 40F (3-5C), which kept the leaves on the trees a few more days. The bright yellow trees in their Autumn glory seem to be illuminated with sunshine on this late October gray day. I saw this view as I drove home from town and literally turned around and parked on this street, hopped out of the car, and took several photos.

Aside from amazing trees in our area like red-leafed maple and golden aspen, all juxtaposed onto deep green evergreens, a new (to me) tree has captured my imagination. (Hint: in the above image, you can see it to the left).

Arrowleaf Balsamroot wild sunflower

Why is it special? Before I share, just let me say that you already know my love for sunflowers and pine trees. Of course, here in Eastern Washington, evergreens are everywhere (they don’t call Washington the “Evergreen State” for nothing). I posted a few months ago about my surprise at discovering wild sunflowers growing amidst the pine forests.

So…drumroll please…imagine my joy at discovering a conifer (notice I didn’t say evergreen), that turns golden yellow in the Autumn and drops its needles just like a deciduous tree!

Whaaattt? A Golden Pine Tree?

The Western Larch (sometimes called Tamarack) is a majestic conifer found at higher elevations in the Pacific Northwest and into Canada.

This photo started it all when my brother-in-law showed me his pics from his weekly drives to Montana. I thought “how beautiful, look at the sunlight on those pine trees!” He said the trees were actually yellow! Swoon. This image shows the mountainside covered in larches shrouded in gray fog.

Without trees, mountains, fogs or rains, the Sun cannot create its own magic in the morning!

Mehmet Murat Ildan
Western Larch in Montana
Original image by E. Schrandt

In a foggy morning, sunshine coming through the trees looks so divine that we seriously think it is the hand of the very divinity itself!

Mehmet Murat Ildan

Western larch (Larix occidentalis) and subalpine larch (Larix lyalli) grow in the interior Pacific Northwest (Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington) of the U.S. and British Columbia, Canada. They are conifer trees like pines because they have needles instead of leaves, and their seeds grow in cones. Unlike pines they are not evergreen; they are deciduous. In the autumn, the needles of larches turn golden and then drop off the branches. Western larch is used for the production of Venice turpentine. The wood is highly prized as firewood in the Pacific Northwest where it is often called “tamarack.” The wood burns with a sweet fragrance and a distinctive popping noise.


I’m obsessed!

We see two species here in Eastern Washington: The Western Larch (above) and the European Larch. Below is the European Larch, most likely planted, and distinguished by its long, willowy branches. Whereas the Western Larch grows wild on rocky ridges and has shorter needle clusters. Of course, both trees turn yellow and their needles fall to the Earth.

Golden European Larch

Willowy European Larch and its needle clusters.

And just like when you see that same car everywhere when thinking about buying a new one, yep, these stately yellow tamaracks are everywhere!

Autumn Splendor
Autumn splendor featuring golden Western Larch in center

My Festival of Leaves

Earlier I mentioned the leaves have mostly fallen and have now imbued the Earth with magical carpets.

“Listen …
With faint dry sound,
Like steps of passing ghosts,
The leaves, frost-crisp’d, break free from the trees
And fall.”

Adelaide Crapsey

Below are a few images of fallen leaves enjoying laying around within their magic carpets. From this…

October Maples

To this…

Rosy fallen leaves

And more!

“I wonder if leaves feel lonely when they see their neighbors falling?”

John Muir

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I can’t wait to see what your trees and leaves look like this time of year! Next week, the Sunday Stills challenge is all about the color ruby wine or burgundy, just in time for the Thanksgiving celebrations in the US. Have a wonderful week!

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Sunday Stills: #Signs of …Autumn? Spring?

Little Spokane River nature Trail

This week, as the Autumnal and Vernal equinoxes we experienced on Sept 22 have brought the planet to equal days and nights for a moment, I’m sure we are seeing weather and temperatures play out as such! In either hemisphere signs of the seasons are already playing out depending upon where you live.

Fall Has Fallen and Spring Has Sprung!

Hint of Autumn in the Aspen trees
Hint of Autumn in the Aspen trees

“Autumn calls the forest to rest, to exhale in a flood of colors rubbed to a fiery warmth on the hearth of both hill and plain before nodding off to a winter’s slumber.”
― Craig D. Lounsbrough

As I shared in June about the summer solstice making our days a minute shorter each day in the northern hemisphere, Autumn really shows the impact as nights are longer than the days and glorious colors begin to pepper the landscapes. The shortening of daylight will continue through the winter solstice.

Smoky Spokane in September 2020
Last year’s smoky September in Spokane, Washington

All at once, summer collapsed into Fall.

Oscar Wilde

Ah, darkness. As a sun-lover, I appreciate early morning sunshine and late evening sunsets, especially here in Northeastern Washington. Already, I switch the lights on when I awake at 6-ish and back on by 7pm. By December it will be dark here by 4pm, which is what I’ve already experienced when we moved here in December 2020! Oh well, l hope the glow of the reflected light off the snow will help illuminate what daytime hours we do have.

As we are finishing the month of September, the warm days (mid-70s this week), but colder nights are teasing us with signs of Autumn. Here in the Spokane, Washington area, Autumn colors reach their color peak about mid-October, with reds dominating the vibrant colors, mixed with abundant evergreen trees. A stunning sight to see!

According to my favorite meteorologist, Jeremy Lagoo, on KREM news (Spokane), he says, “Enjoy it while you can…” This image tells you what we are expecting! Brrr!

Those temperature drops each month bring the promise of this…by mid-October.

Glowing Auburn leaves

For the time being, September gives us these signs of Autumn:

What are the signs of the season changing where you live?

Fall Florals

Early Autumn shows off her sense of humor with spent sunflowers, heavy with seeds:

Spent Sunflower
Spent sunflower heavy with seeds

Or, Fall Asters, a purple contrast to the yellows and golds.

Purple Fall Aster
Purple Fall Aster

Apart from the obvious plant life changes, other signs of Autumn include:

  • September’s Harvest moon
  • Migrating birds
  • Crisp, clean air
  • Less daylight
  • Cool (and cold!) temperatures
White Teapot on black stove

Fire in the wood stove or fireplace
-Smell of smoke from chimneys

Cozy blanket Autumn Decor

-Cozy blankets

-Seasonal home décor

Retail pumpkins signs of autumn

-Store displays for Halloween and Christmas(!)
-Lots of apples, pumpkins and squash

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For those in the Southern hemisphere, spring awakens from its winter slumber to the promise of warm days, green pastures and riots of colorful flowers and blossoms.

October themes for Sunday Stills can be found on my Sunday Stills Photography page.

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Fall Has Fallen and Spring Has Sprung

Share your season’s signs of changes this week. Any type of creativity is welcomed, with your images, stories, poetry, etc.

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Have a wonderful week!

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Sunday Stills: Signs of #Autumn

summer's end signs of autumn

The official start to fall begins with the Autumnal equinox on Monday, September 23 this year. Not much in the way of fall leaves just yet here in Sacramento, Northern California, as we are still experiencing our normal warm temps (upper 80s, low 90s). Luckily, the heat only lasts a couple of hours each day. In fact, we had some rain last week which IS unusual. By mid-October, trees begin to blush their fall colors and the weather begins to cool.

What we don’t want are the mountain thunderstorms that ignite the dreaded and devastating wildfires that are more common this time of year!

Around town and in my own backyard, the signs of Autumn are subtly making their presence known. To celebrate the coming Fall here in the northern hemisphere, this week’s Sunday Stills’ theme is “Signs of Autumn!”

I said an official good-bye to summer as one last sunflower peeked out with the beautiful orange and red which made me smile!

summer's end signs of autumn

Other signs include more traffic on the roads as students of all ages settle into the Fall semester. And turkey traffic? …suburban turkeys are back, walking obliviously through our neighborhoods.

Urban Turkeys taking a walk

Another sign of Autumn or at least a sign that summer is coming to an end here is shown in this image of the Bee Blossom or Gaura lindheimeri.

I am always hopeful when I see a few golden leaves amidst the riot of greenery in the trees.

Green autumn leaves

Or on the grass.

Autumn leaves amid clovers

Because I still must wait a few more weeks for Autumn to show her pretty face in my area, here is a gallery of some of my favorite Autumn images over the past years.

Your fellow bloggers are showing off their Autumn scenes as well.

Cee Neuner continues her various photography challenges, adding Fall foliage to her flower of the day challenge.

One of my favorite photo prompts is “Festival of Leaves” is back, hosted by Dawn at The Day After.

I just joined Flickr as another way to show my photography. Please follow me if you are on Flickr.

What signs of Autumn can you share with us this week?

Autumn SIGNature

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Festival of Leaves: An Inspired Start to Autumn

Autumn leaves amid clovers

If you have followed my blog for any length of time, you know I love posting photo challenges on Fridays. I have gotten used to the fact the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has gone the way of the dinosaur, but we photo-bloggers have found continuing inspiration with each others’ challenges.

Having joined the pink party a little late at Becky B’s Squares in September, I was inspired by all the shades of pink that surround us in nature. So much so that I have been posting pink photos on Instagram for October’s traditional Breast Cancer Awareness Month. More about this in the Sunday Stills challenge this week!

I was pleased to see that Dawn, from The Day After, is again hosting her photo challenge Festival of Leaves. Because you know how much I dislike Autumn

There is still a LOT of green and very little color this early in October.

Green autumn leaves

But, the Festival of Leaves is slowly working its way to the ground amid confused pink clovers.

Autumn leaves amid clovers

In a couple of weeks, we may see this!

Red and green fall leaves

Keep your fingers crossed!

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.” Elizabeth Lawrence

Cee Neuner posts an extensive list of photo challenges. Perhaps you will find one that inspires you!

Autumn SIGNature

Sunday Stills: Signs of #Autumn

signs of fall leaves

Autumn Has Arrived, like a postcard

Saturday was the official start of Autumn with the autumnal equinox. According to Internet sources,

…the Autumnal equinox occurs the moment the Sun crosses the celestial equator – the imaginary line in the sky above Earth’s Equator – from north to south. This happens either on September 22, 23, or 24 every year.

When this happens, both the Northern and Southern hemispheres will experience an equal amount of daylight, hence the word “equinox,” Latin for Equal Night. For those south of the equator, it’s the beginning of spring.

For many, Autumn marks a kind of sadness as longer nights set in. For myself, I love this time of year. After so many hectic summers working as a full-time Aquatics Director, trying not to lose my mind after working 30 days straight, being on emergency stand-by or dealing with 150 lifeguards and their drama, fall was a welcome respite at work. It meant I could be in my office and get administrative work done as I looked forward to some vacation time for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Now that I teach in Fall and Spring semesters, my Autumns are ironically busy, but in a different way. I don’t have to deal with the threat of drownings or other emergencies (unless you call a student’s desperate plea for an extension on their term paper an emergency). Plus I am inspired every day that I am on campus watching the leaves change from shades of green to a brilliant variety of colors.

This is one of my glorious views when the ginkgo trees hit their peak!

Campus Ginkos create both a canopy and a carpet of yellow

On a bike ride last weekend, on one side of the American River Bike Trail, were bushes of yellow cone flowers or Black-eyed Susans, which to me just scream “summer is still alive and well!”

Black-Eyed Susan on the trail
But just down the trail were some deciduous trees providing the preview of Fall shown in this image. The signs of Autumn SLOWwwwly morph our warm September days into those longed-for crisp Fall days.

signs of fall leaves

The traditional Autumn colors normally peak here in mid-November, around Veterans Day. Whenever we travel to San Diego for Christmas holidays, Autumn still shows her lovely self in many of the Liquid Amber trees that are still draped in Fall splendor.

California is slow to get into Autumn but we get a long dose of it over several months, depending where you live.

Which just makes it that more special to me as I fill up my Dropbox with yet another set of images of Autumn. For now I will continue to love Indian Summer and embrace the sunny yellows.

For those in the Southern hemisphere, tell me what you like about your autumn!

Festival of Leaves is back!

If your inner geek still needs more of a scientific explanation of the autumnal equinox, check out this article 8 Things to Know About Autumn.

Show us your favorite photos, poems, music, or stories of Autumn from your perspective for Sunday Stills! Link up or pingback your post to this post!




Experimental Autumn Perspectives

Backyard porch light illuminates delicate Fall leaves

Backyard porch light illuminates delicate Fall leaves

For a photographer, perspective means everything. Many photographers have their specialties, whether it is landscapes, macros, portraits, street, action,…well, the list goes on.

I don’t feel I have a particular specialty, but my eye tends toward landscape and macro photography…and color! I prefer color but I appreciate the black and white images that I have seen from many fellow bloggers that are incredibly stunning.

Since Autumn is in full swing here in Northern California, my new phone is collecting all kinds of Autumn leaves and trees. This might be my obsession but I hope you will indulge me today as you look at my collection of Experimental images.

The featured image above was taken from my cousin’s deck in Portland, Oregon, last fall as the porch light illuminated the leaves in such a beautiful way. I even caught a spider web in this shot.

“All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

On the Sacramento State University campus, where I teach, the eclectic collection of trees and the Autumn show is breathtaking!

It is normal to take photos of landscapes like the one below. This happens to set the stage for the rest of the images as the perspectives and angles change to capture some experimental shots. The ginkgo trees in two areas of campus attract a lot of attention by students taking photos and selfies with their phones.

Campus Ginkos create both a canopy and a carpet of yellow

Once I see a landscape like this, I look up and then down for any unusual perspectives. I was not disappointed with what I found!

Rain had fallen the day before, leaving behind puddles with floating leaves. I noticed right away the reflections of the trees from which the leaves had fallen which created unusual images.

More reflections from the ginko trees

Students looked at me with curiosity as I squatted down and contorted by handbag-laden body for these unusual puddle shots.

Fallen Leaves float in puddle amid the reflection of the tree from which they fell

At least I didn’t fall face forward into one of the puddles.

Famous photographer Ansel Adams said: “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”


Think of yourself casually walking along on an asphalt-covered road and take a peek at the show under your feet.

Don't forget to look down for an Autumn show

“Photography helps people to see.” Berenice Abbot

Ansel Adams Quote

These photos are submitted for another photography trifecta for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge,  Sunday Trees and Festival of Leaves.

What unusual photos can you make today?

My signature

A Festival of Leaves and Some #FREE #Photos

Autumn Birch Tree

Autumn Birch Tree
Autumn birch leaves look like butterflies.

If you have followed this blog for any length of time, you probably know I LOVE photography and combine that with my love for Autumn!

Growing up in San Diego, there wasn’t much to see in the way of Autumn leaves as the palm and eucalyptus trees didn’t yield to Fall’s changes. Once in a while, in December, when some of the east areas felt a few cold nights, did you see the few Liquid Amber trees show their Fall colors.

One I moved to Sacramento as an adult, and lived among “the City of Trees,” my obsession for Autumn grew each Fall as the entire region became a burst of color. It also does this in the spring, but that’s for another season!

You also may know that I love my photo challenges and am including this photo (from a two-year old post) into a fun challenge I discovered through fellow blogger Lisa from A Day in the Life. She has a well-developed eye for photography and joined A Festival of Leaves.

I will be joining Lisa each week with a new post sharing my “Festival of Leaves” photos. Some will be older photos that would love to show you their beautiful colors all over again. Feel free to join the festival!

Here is another one from November, 2015.

Autumn Has Arrived, like a postcard


The title of this post mentions FREE photos. I feel very strongly about proper photography and image use on blogs and websites. More often, these days, I am reading accounts of bloggers being sued for copyright infringement when using random images on their websites.

Not everyone feels comfortable taking their own pictures, so I created a sharing file from the thousands of images I have taken over the years.

Author and fellow blogger, Tina Frisco, used one of my photos in a recent post!

If you can take your own pictures, please do! I use Canva and PicMonkey for post-editing (cropping, exposure/color, watermarking, adding frames and text).

Please visit my page “FREE PHOTOS FOR YOUR BLOG” and click on the Dropbox icon the visit the files. I have been busy adding more photos in the Autumn Splendor file. Feel free to use them!

I would appreciate it if you would share this post.

WordPress Anniversary LogoSidebar: WordPress tells me that this is my sixth anniversary of when I started this blog. Wow!




Happy Autumn!

My signature

I Feel Fall is in the Air

Autumn descends on students

Autumn descends on students

My photo was taken on the Sacramento State University campus where I am teaching three classes this Fall. I captured this particular photo early last Friday morning on my way to class.

As I aimed for the trees, I inadvertently captured two students strolling to class and they seemed to be discussing something. I figured they were as impressed as I was with the beautiful leaves.

I wonder if they know that Sac State is “Tree Campus USA”?

This article explains:

Many of the campus’ beautiful trees date back to 1953, during early construction of the campus. Some 3,000 saplings were planted, helping create the foundation for today’s 3,500 plus trees that now shade the main campus, the University Arboretum, and Alumni Grove.

“I feel FALL is in the air.”

Indeed! This student gets an A+ for the day!

The Seasonal Sensations Link-Up is open again for Autumn Weekly Leaves theme. Link a blog post that features a story and/or photo relating to Autumn, Fall, flowers, leaves, nature, well, you get the idea.

I’ve been checking the WordPress Reader recently and I know you have some great Autumn photos to share!

Click the blue frog below and link up!

Monthly Photo Challenge: Deceptive December

Maple begins to turn to seed

Chinese Maple In early December
Chinese Maple In early December

After one year of posting photographs of my little Chinese Maple tree for the monthly feature The Changing Seasons, this is the final post.  The above photo was not edited other than to crop, frame and watermark it.

Maple begins to turn to seed
Maple begins to turn to seed

My title “Deceptive December” intends to show how quickly the maple tree flamed into its Fall glory, then within just a few days, began to dry and go to seed before taking its winter rest. Just when I thought the beautiful fall colors would last a few weeks, winter storms moved in and blew most of the leaves off over a short period of time.

The colors of this tree should have reached their peak in mid-November, but because of exceptionally warm weather through Halloween, the maple’s colors peaked right after Thanksgiving.

Here is a gallery of the maple in various stages just in the first few days during the month of December.

Participating in this photography challenge was fun and interesting. When I decided on a whim to photograph my own maple tree, I learned I had to be very creative with the photos since many of them looked EXACTLY the same. As a blogger, I came up with different angles and stories to capture the changes not always evident.

I also learned that my Samsung android phone takes dang good pictures!

In January I showed a naked tree shrouded in fog. By April, the maple was in full leaf and lasted that way, lush and green, until late September when it began to show the stress of the dryness of the fourth year of the drought in California. By October and November, subtle evidence of autumn was in the leaves.

Here is the gallery of the entire year!


I hope you enjoyed the year of the tree and its journey through the seasons.

This feature was brought to us by Cardinal Guzman. Please visit his blog for his final wrap up and his spectacular photos.

Under Construction



If we were having coffee today, I would wish you a happy Labor Day weekend and toast the holiday with a nice Colombian medium roast. I can offer you a variety of teas if you prefer.

Labor Day, observed as a national holiday on the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. This holiday traditionally bids farewell to summer as schools and universities begin and autumn is in the air (supposedly).

I am spending the three-day weekend at the delta enjoying the last of the windsurfing season. My wrenched knee is healing slowly, so I’m not sure how much water time I will get. Luckily,  I can stand-up paddle a little, and get up and down the launch OK. We also have to pack up a load to take home, then starts the de-construction of our camp.

I like to think of this time of year as being “under construction.”

Back to Teaching
If we were having coffee, I would tell you that this week I started back to my part-time lecturing gig at the university. My last time teaching was in December. When I retired from public service in recreation, I had to take 6 months off (really eight) from my CalPERS public agency. Both my full-time work and part-time teaching are public agencies that pay into CalPERS. As I go back to teaching, my new title is “Retired Annuitant.” Retired annuitants can go back to work at their former workplace on a half-time basis, and still receive a pension.

Not to brag, but I “work” 8 hours a week on campus. Of course there are lots of papers to grade which can done at anywhere. Teaching two classes per semester is fantastic. And my students are enthusiastic (and laugh at my jokes).

One of my classes is new to me, so I am still constructing lectures and putting together good class activities to keep my 80 students occupied.

Master Bedroom Construction
master-under-constructionIf we were having coffee, I would show you how the bedroom addition is coming along. You will have to check out my Pinterest boards for the decorating ideas we are choosing. I am particularly excited about my bedroom office nook, where I plan to spend hours blogging, grading papers, and generally organizing my life.

Summer into Autumn
Are you ready for autumn? I sure am. Ironically, fall is the driest time of year in Northern California and the threat of wildfires is worrisome. Fall seems to also be under construction, as the sun goes down earlier and the nights and mornings are blissfully cool, and the leaves slowly change from green, to yellow, then to vibrant oranges, reds and browns.

I think my attitude goes under a little reconstruction as well. Does this happen to you when the seasons change? I enjoy the unique things that each season brings, but the Fall brings a sense of peace despite the sometimes frenetic pace of school, work, the imminent holiday season, and perhaps some travel.

I hope you enjoyed coffee with me today. What parts of your life are under construction now?

Join me each week for Part-Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share.