Autumn descends on students

My photo was taken on the Sacramento State University campus where I am teaching three classes this Fall. I captured this particular photo early last Friday morning on my way to class.

As I aimed for the trees, I inadvertently captured two students strolling to class and they seemed to be discussing something. I figured they were as impressed as I was with the beautiful leaves.

I wonder if they know that Sac State is “Tree Campus USA”?

This article explains:

Many of the campus’ beautiful trees date back to 1953, during early construction of the campus. Some 3,000 saplings were planted, helping create the foundation for today’s 3,500 plus trees that now shade the main campus, the University Arboretum, and Alumni Grove.

“I feel FALL is in the air.”

Indeed! This student gets an A+ for the day!

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6 thoughts on “I Feel Fall is in the Air

  1. What i love about this is that you take time to notice something beautiful and photograph it. It is a sign to me that you are living life right. How many people walked by and didn’t even notice these beautiful trees? Once upon a time that would have been me. It may not be roses, but we can stop and see the fall leaves!

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  2. A great post, Terri. I love the way you titled it, and how perfect to capture the students at the right time. I linked up to your Seasonal Sensational Linkup. Guess I did it correctly because it showed up on the page.

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