lenticular clouds over delta

Sunday Stills: #Fog at My Feet, Head in the #Clouds

January has usually been a month where it feels like my head is either in a fog or UP in the clouds. So far this year, with so much going on with our move to Washington, I feel slightly unmotivated and a little out-of-sorts. I have a lot to look forward to and I am …

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Autumn sunset in San Diego

The Temporary Nature of Clouds

Often, as we look to the sky, we find fleeting beauty in the Temporary nature of clouds. Traveling to San Diego on this Veteran's Day weekend, I saw a variety of clouds, from the occasional puff just hiding the Autumn sun, to a full-on magical sunset. Beauty is all around us, but like the nature …

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Weekly Photo Challenges: The Calm…After The Rain

  As a blogger and amateur photographer, I love it when the planets align and I can submit one photo for two photo challenges. This week, Hugh Roberts of Hugh's Views and News, challenges bloggers to depict "after" in a photograph. If that wasn't hard enough, trying to find an appropriate photo for WordPress' Weekly …

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Beneath My Feet: Weekly Photo Challenge

Beneath Your Feet While flying to the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, little did I know when I took these photos from the plane, that the weekly photo challenge's theme was "Beneath Your Feet." This particular photo is also submitted for Ed's Sunday Stills: Black and White Clouds. Take a look at some more of …

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Broken Clouds Equal Humidity

Living in Northern California, I do not pretend to know much about humidity. Having lived in San Diego where humidity can be a factor in late summer, I was more than pleasantly surprised when I realized Nor Cal has low humidity as a rule. My curly hair frizzes when exposed to humidity, so it loves …

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Water Envelops Us

Enveloped Water, in its three forms, ice, liquid and vapor, envelops us and our surroundings. These two photos show how water in liquid form envelops its users, either on purpose, like the little girl under the swimming pool mushroom.... or ... ...the big girl (me), gracefully (ha!) falling off my paddle-board. The next photo shows …

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