Sunday Stills: #Fog at My Feet, Head in the #Clouds

lenticular clouds over delta

January has usually been a month where it feels like my head is either in a fog or UP in the clouds. So far this year, with so much going on with our move to Washington, I feel slightly unmotivated and a little out-of-sorts. I have a lot to look forward to and I am very eager to get on with our new life here. Even a cloudy, snowy day is beautiful to me.

Winter in Spokane

I won’t let the BIG events cloud my motivation. Despite the hope of a historical, US presidential inauguration, the potential for unrest and what feels like a never-ending pandemic has caused psychological harm to possibly millions of people. Who doesn’t feel brain fog these days?

Malibu Sunrise
Foggy morning in Malibu, California

For now, I will revel in what the month of January brings, usually cold weather, clouds and fog, and discover an ethereal and reflective beauty in the images.

Foggy river reflection
Foggy January day in the Sacramento Delta

“Some days your head is in the clouds. Every now and then, the clouds come down to ignite your creativity.”

Skye McNeil

And just to make it interesting, I’ve included a few of my favorite images of clouds and fog found in other seasons.

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”

Rabindranath Tagore

A delta sunset sparks the imagination in late April.

Day is Done

Windy conditions at the Sacramento delta yielded an incredible variety of cloud formations, including this lenticular formation.

Lenticular Clouds

These ominous storm clouds brought wind to the delta.

Variety of textures in the delta

Lazy Clouds

I couldn’t resist re-posting this image of the wave-like clouds we saw a few years ago in the Mohave Desert.

Who says there are no ocean waves in the desert?
Crazy clouds along Route 66 near Victorville CA

These clouds at 4500 elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains were feeling lazy.

Lazy Clouds

The Canada Goose family doesn’t seem to mind the foggy, overcast days as long as they can eat and swim. Submitted for Lisa’s Bird Weekly, Birds with Brown Feathers.

Ducks enjoy the river
Wild geese enjoy the foggy river

And just when you think you are too weary to care about much, Blue Angels soar high above us, a gift of hope as humankind demonstrates its capacity to defy speed and gravity .

Blue Angels Ascent
Blue Angels Soar into the Clouds

Sharing most images for Becky B’s SquaresUp.

I would love to see your fog and cloud images this week!

Camera graphic

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The Temporary Nature of Clouds

Autumn sunset in San Diego

Autumn sunset in San Diego

Often, as we look to the sky, we find fleeting beauty in the Temporary nature of clouds.

Traveling to San Diego on this Veteran’s Day weekend, I saw a variety of clouds, from the occasional puff just hiding the Autumn sun, to a full-on magical sunset. Beauty is all around us, but like the nature of clouds, just random water vapor, it quickly comes and goes.

Cloud puff temporarily hides the sun

As I compose this post, I am a few hours away from spending two days with some fellow bloggers near Palm Desert, California. Making wonderful online relationships as a result of blogging may feel temporary at times, but when we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, the chance of making permanent, lasting relationships is forged.

Temporary jet trails line the sky


“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”
― Rabindranath Tagore

cloud quote

I can happily say that my friendships with fellow bloggers certainly adds color to my sunset sky!

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Weekly Photo Challenges: The Calm…After The Rain


Lenticular clouds curve over the delta after a summer storm.As a blogger and amateur photographer, I love it when the planets align and I can submit one photo for two photo challenges.

This week, Hugh Roberts of Hugh’s Views and News, challenges bloggers to depict “after” in a photograph.

If that wasn’t hard enough, trying to find an appropriate photo for WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge theme Curve was much more difficult than I had imagined. So much for a quick post!

I was pleased to find this photo from last year showing the curving levee road near our windsurf camp in the Sacramento Delta. Since this is a windy location, the lenticular clouds form after stormy weather, further shaped by the wind into these curvy, disk-like shapes.

Thanks for reading!

Beneath My Feet: Weekly Photo Challenge


Beneath Your Feet

While flying to the Pacific Northwest over the weekend, little did I know when I took these photos from the plane, that the weekly photo challenge’s theme was “Beneath Your Feet.”


This particular photo is also submitted for Ed’s Sunday Stills: Black and White Clouds.

Clouds and Mt Hood beneath my feet

Take a look at some more of some things I found beneath my feet this weekend.

View from the plane.

The Spokane (WA) river runs through downtown Spokane.

Water Envelops Us



Water, in its three forms, ice, liquid and vapor, envelops us and our surroundings.

These two photos show how water in liquid form envelops its users, either on purpose, like the little girl under the swimming pool mushroom…. or …

Original image by Kimberly Glaster. Used by permission

…the big girl (me), gracefully (ha!) falling off my paddle-board.


The next photo shows the solid form of water as snow, as it envelops the backyard,

as warmly seen from the window.


The last photo demonstrates how water in the form of vapor, manifested as low clouds, crawls slowly down the mountain, enveloping the pine trees.