For Wordless Wednesday, let your images tell the story.

“Best marriages are the ones in which partners grow together to become the best versions of themselves.” – Anonymous

wedding day
Caught the photographer in action

Images in the gallery are courtesy of Peter Jonathan Images

Something was funny!

Me and Groom’s Parents waiting for the Bride’s arrival
Family Wedding Portrait
Family Portrait

“Marriage gives you both roots and wings.” – Anonymous

Sharing for Marsha’s WQ: Growth

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68 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Wedding Gallery, Finally!

  1. Your daughter is a very pretty girl and I love that she has a genuine smile in every photo. She looks like a happy person. In the group photo, it looks like Mom isn’t quite ready to let go of her son. Sweet. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your photos.

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  2. A lovely day filled with a treasure trove of memories. The family portrait is very special to have. My mom was adamant that she, my grandmother and I have a three-generation picture taken and I am glad we had that done.

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  3. Wow, these are great pictures, Terri. Lauren looks so beautiful. I love the picture of you and Hans dancing. It looks like you are both having a great time. Weddings should be that fun. They are a lot of work and expense to prepare for, but when everyone is having such a great time, they make a forever memory that bonds them throughout their lifetime. Thanks for sharing these stunning memories. 🙂 Love you and love to the rest of your family.

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