For Wordless Wednesday, let your images tell the story.

Three Snowy Sentinels, hoodoos
Three Snowy Sentinels

“The word ‘hoodoo’ means to bewitch, which is what Bryce Canyon’s rock formations surely do.” ~Unknown

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34 thoughts on “#WorldlessWednesday: Halt! Hoodoo Goes There? Celebrate Earth Week!

    1. Snow on the red rocks is a photographer’s dream, right Nancy? We had the same “luck” at our first visit to Sedona a few years ago. We got snowed in and had to stay longer than we needed to. We couldn’t travel to northern Arizona then, but wow the images I caught in Sedona with snow dusting the red rocks was a gift!

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  1. These are great photos of the hoodoos Terri and the captions are so clever. They are beautiful capped with snow. I have to ask … in the top image, is that a deer behind you or a statue of a deer somehow connected to the Bryce Canyon sign? What is the likelihood of you posing and a deer happens by? My boss went to Moab on a whitewater rafting trip about ten years ago. He really enjoyed it.

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      1. I wondered if it was a “two-faced” sign as the deer was facing the other way … very clever of the Park as they know people will want to pose for photos here. I hope you get to the other venues Terri. I saw my boss’ photos – they were picturesque.

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