Today, many people celebrate Palm Sunday, a week before Easter Sunday. These spiritual celebrations come amidst spring in the northern hemisphere. I have always felt a sense of renewal and awakening as spring scents fill the air with flowers, while birds and other creatures seem to wake up and enjoy warmer temperatures.

“Springtime is the land awakening.” – Lewis Grizzard

On the heels of my daughter’s wedding yesterday, we bask in the afterglow of watching my youngest marry her groom. More about the wedding in a later post. For now please enjoy this brief post with images of the world awakening.

Sunset on Arrowroot
Wild spring sunflowers

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” — Algernon Charles Swinburne

sunrise on aspen tree bud
Equinox sun wakens Quaking Aspen tree buds

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.” ― Jo Walton

“A Sunrise is God’s way of saying, “Let’s start again.” ― Todd Stocker

The difference a new day makes in our quest for change

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Upcoming Posts

  • April 9th, there is no challenge-– I’m taking that week off as we travel through Utah and Montana, on our way home. Happy Easter to those who celebrate!
  • April 16th is the monthly color challenge: pastels

Have a beautiful week!

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110 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: And the World #Awakens

  1. you mentioned Spring in the northern hemisphere and I wondered about the other half?
    Palm Sunday must come when Fall is just beginning to happen in the southern hemisphere.
    Making me think this even must have been started in the northern Hemisphere originally.
    You must be tickled about your daughter being married yesterday and counting the days until you are a Grandmother!

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    1. Hi Wayne, I’m always confused about how our southern hemi friends celebrate Easter in the fall and Christmas in the summer. If the cradle of western civilization began in the northern hemisphere it makes sense for Passover and Easter to be associated with spring. We humans adjust. Super happy my dot is married. Our extended family is huge. Probably post a Wordless Wednesday pic or two this week. Happy Palm Sunday if you celebrate!

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  2. A beautiful post full of new beginnings the circle of life.
    Today is the first time the sun has shone and the rain has stopped for than five minutes!
    When fresh winds do blow
    Spring is on it’s way, we know
    Buds bloom flowers grow. © willowdot21

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  3. I’m so glad you have a wonderful day at your daughter’s wedding. And what a beautiful tribute to the beauty of dawn and new beginnings. I can feel the hope, joy, and wonder in your photos. Lovely, Terri.

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  4. Congratulations to your daughter, her husband, and all of you! ❤ What beautiful photos to celebrate that special occasion. I especially liked that last one with the sun and the beach chairs. The one with the sun and the windmills is a good photo but I don't care for those windmills. 🙂 Happy Palm Sunday.

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    1. Thank you, Janet! We are still beaming with delight on the fabulous wedding. When I started visiting the Sacramento River Delta in 2009, there were no wind turbines. A few years later, there they were! Windsurfers are convinced they steal the wind. We are spending Palm Sunday at my brother’s house. See you soon!

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  5. The images are all beautiful Terri. As someone who has lived in a four-season state her entire life, Spring awakenings do indeed add a spring to your step as you watch nature slowly unfurl around you.

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      1. Curious if you know how the link to my post showed up in a box with the photo. I like it, but I didn’t do anything different that I’m aware of, usually it only shows the link. WordPress magic??

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      2. Must be Susanne. I don’t see what you describe on my end. Definitely magic, I like how it looks when I’ve seen it on other blogs. Take a screen shot of it and I can email Hugh Roberts with it. He’ll figure it out and hopefully teach us all 😁

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      3. Oh, you don’t see it? Really must be magic! 😁 I sometimes see those boxes when other people put links into comments, much like how they appear if you post to FB. I’ll try to send it to you tomorrow if it’s still there!

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  6. I’m awake now! Your sunset among the wind turbines, as is the budding aspen, are stunning photos. And, of course, the beautiful sunflowers. That is your signature! I’m glad the wedding went so well, and you had good weather. I can’t wait to see the pictures. You have done a great job of answering everyone during your busy trip.

    During our walk around the Courthouse today, Vince and I got some unusual pictures that might suit your theme. I’m heading off to Scottsdale tomorrow so I will work on my post down there. Vince is coming down on Tuesday morning. Safe travels. 🙂 xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Same here – looking forward. Well, I did stay up too late, and decided to stay home today and head south tomorrow. We will be there before you are by several hours.

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  7. The Sunrise quote made me smile this morning…yes, Let’s start over. Always love your plant photos and the new aspen buds and ladybug caught my eye. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your road trip. Sorry I’ll miss intersecting and saying hello in person. They’ll be a future meet up, I’m sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Cheryl! Despite the lack of spring blossoms in Eastern Washington now, I’m sure getting my fill of a glorious SoCal spring! I’m sure you are enjoying it too! So sorry we can’t meet up, but who knows, maybe we’ll manage to do so this year.


  8. Terri – your photos are masterfully presented with such p”layful sunlight.
    The fav for me today was “Quaking Aspen tree buds” – stared at it for a while and soaked up the details and joy exuded – 🙂
    Happy spring awakening

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  9. Terri,
    Sorry to hear that you had two days of rain in San Diego. We experienced the same last month. Nevertheless, when it clears, it’s glorious there, and California needs the rain. Glad the Sangria was good. Your daughter made a stunning bride…I know you’re proud. Please post videos of your dance moves. Have a blessed Easter week. Joe

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    1. Hi Joe! We didn’t mind the rain, it was intermittent. We’re spending our last day here before we head over to Scottsdale. Once I made all these travel plans I didn’t think about where we would spend Easter Sunday. Driving to Southern Utah and Bryce Canyon NP. Enjoy your Easter and take good care!

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  10. I love the sunrise and sunset quotes, Terri. Good to see that the world is waking up in your part of the world.

    Strangely, some plants have fully woken up here, yet others are still fast asleep with no signs of budding yet. But I guess that’s what the seasons are all about.

    Now our clocks have sprung forward; the evenings seem more awake too. Many more people are about, and businesses are reopening that have been closed all winter.

    I hope the wedding was a great success. I look forward to hearing about it.

    Wishing you a lovely Easter week.

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    1. Happy Easter week to you, Hugh! I’m happy we’ve seen a super green spring in San Diego. The wedding was amazing, beautiful weather, a great venue, and just seeing family and now being connected with the groom’s big family. Enjoy your lighter evenings. By the time we get back home in about 10 days, we’ll have light til close to 8pm!

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  11. I’m a little late this week as I wasn’t sure what to share, having not had much chance yet to photograph any signs of spring (poor weather, slow start to the growing season!) In the end I went for something completely different:
    I hope you’ve recovered well from the excitement of the wedding and enjoy your road trip – I look forward to seeing photos and hearing all about it!

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