Wordless Wednesday. Let Your Images Tell the Story

View of Lake Spokane
Mid October? Where are you Autumn?

Sharing for Dawn’s Festival of Leaves, Breezes at Dawn, and Cee’s Flower of the Day

“Summer and fall waltzed to the wind in a stolen sweet romance.” ~Angie Weiland-Crosby

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40 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Where are you Autumn, Why Can’t I Find You?

  1. I encountered some wilted leaves today Terri and it was a little bizarre looking. I returned to Elizabeth Park today after visiting another park. When I was there on October 10th, the Oaks were just turning yellow. There are many Oaks at this park, so I like to wait until they are golden and they are as pretty on the tree as on the ground. I was amazed to find all the leaves were brown, many still on the tree, the rest on the ground. I never even stopped the car. It had to be that cold spell we had earlier in the week.


    1. Sorry, Linda, this comment went to my spam folder–I wonder why? I love the brilliant orange colors the oak trees turn in the fall. We saw these while I lived in San Diego–but they don’t change until early December there. Our Autumn showed up quite beautifully but several rainstorms and wind are taking them all down quickly–frost on the pumpkin this morning–here it comes.

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      1. No worries Terri – I am so far behind all the time I didn’t notice. I try to figure out what triggers legitimate comments to go to my spam folder and I’m at a loss as to why. We have rain tomorrow plus gusty winds which will be the death knell for any of our pretty leaves that are left on the trees. I got some fun snow on the pumpkin shots one year when my neighbor still had his carved pumpkin on the porch and we had snow. Are you still slated for the Winter storm? My neighbor had two Bradford Pear trees that never lost their leaves until after Thanksgiving which is when yard waste pickup ends. So all Winter, I’d see dark purple leaves dotting the snow all over the neighborhood.

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  2. Such shifty weather in your area Terri. I have a friend who’s visiting Montana this coming week. Sounds like she might miss the balmy weather and run into a blast of winter! Here, the trades have gone on vacation and it’s been unusually hot!

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  3. Surprise, surprise, it was 59 when I left to play tennis this morning! Just yesterday it was in the mid-eighties. Looking forward to wearing a sweater and jeans with closed-toe shoes, or maybe even boots this evening! Woo hoo! Should last for about 3 days then we will be back into the 80’s. So envious of your beautiful leaves, even though they are fleeting. Enjoy!

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    1. I’m sure it’s a bit warmer in your area as a rule, Susanne, doesn’t sound too bad. We got down to 42 this morning , going to get cold this weekend! Enjoy your weekend, I know I’m ready to see my winter clothes again 🤍


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