Ambiance is “the character and atmosphere of a place.”

Our blog sites create their own ambiance, where we bloggers carefully craft our pages to be inviting and a warm place to visit.

Each blogger creates his or her own character (some might call it a brand), by choosing a nice theme, compelling images and colors they love. In a previous post, I offered some easy ways to refresh your website.

With that idea, I submit for the weekly photo challenge, the Ambience  created when spending face time with a fellow blogger.

Terri and Liesbet enjoy a warm fire
A little ambiance next to the fire!

Liesbet and I met by way of a blogosphere introduction through Janis of Retirementally Challenged.

Liesbet and Mark spent two nights with us in between house sits. They recently spent a few months in Rocklin, a suburb of Roseville, CA. They had not yet visited the American River Bike Trail, so on a sunny, cold day, we took a walk along the trail and beheld a very full American River. They are off to the north Bay area for their next adventure!

For more ambiance, visit these blogs:
Lisa Dorenfest  –her pages are filled with her amazing photos of her life sailing the ocean.

Roaming About  –Liesbet has sailed with Lisa!

Trail Walker  –her pages are filled with stunning photography of lovely birds and wildlife.

What ambiance does your blogsite create?


39 thoughts on “Ambiance in the Blogosphere

  1. A great interpretation of the theme, I would say. 🙂 It was so nice meeting you and your blogger husband, Terri. And the furry ones as well, of course. Thanks again for being our hosts and for the shout-out! Enjoy this sunny weekend, and your new camera!! PS: our new home had two bird feeders and about five hummingbirds flying on and off constantly, so I will be thinking a lot about you.

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  2. What a delightful treat to see you and Liesbet together in this blogpost. And with a shout-out to my blog as a cherry on top! Feeling the love. Wish I could have been there with Liesbet and Mark to spend time with you and Hans and take Aero for a long walk on a cool winter’s day in those beautiful surrounds. Hug 🤗

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    1. Aww, thanks, Lisa! I didn’t realize you and Liesbet were friends and had sailed together. The world is a TINY place in some ways. You can visit me in Sacramento ANY TIME!! And I’ll just rent a helicopter and drop in on you on the ocean someday ala I Love Lucy 🙂 Big hugs back!!

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      1. Small world indeed! Would LOVE to have you drop in for a sail. And I look forward to the day I am sitting you in front of the fireplace with you in Sacramento. Thank you for the open invitation😘

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  3. Just found your blog! I’m still working to create a unique “ambiance,” and hadn’t given much thought to actually meeting another real-live blogger in person, so this was an eye-opening preview of things to come. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. I’m am so happy that you were able to arrange a meet up with Liesbet! I hope that one day I will be able to meet her and her husband too. Funny, today my husband and I were able to get together with Kathy and Thom (SMART Living 365) for lunch in Indian Wells, close to Palm Springs. I love, love blogging meet-ups!

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  5. I have done the same thing Terri and was so happy when I met a fellow blogger and his wife when my husband and I visited them in Canada. We also met a fellow blogger during our trip to China, which was equally successful. It’s so much fun and you have a great foundation on which to draw from the get-go. Glad it worked out for you too!

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  6. Nice post. Liked the idea. I know it makes me feel good when sharing a musical ambience on my blog where others can also enjoy my discoveries and interests. It would be fun to visit sometime when we visit California.

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