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WPC: Thanks for the Photographic Memories

The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge has been a staple on my blog since January 2015, when I began submitting to its new theme each week.  This is the last week that the weekly photo challenge will prompt bloggers like myself to stretch our imaginations and take a photograph that depicts the theme. The last theme, appropriately is All-Time …

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Happy Blogging Anniversary: Why TMI is Not What it Seems

Has it really been a year? Last September, I decided to dust off my blog, then titled "Insights by Terri Webster Schrandt." I looked at the WordPress Reader and saw the invitation for Blogging 101. Although I started my blog in October, 2011, it was very narrowly focused and bored even me. It was time …

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One Lucky Blogger: How To Get 500+ Followers on Your Blog (Part One)

I have been diligently blogging for eight months, although my blog has been around for three years. On May 5, I had the distinct pleasure of welcoming the 500th follower to my blog! When I started blogging about my one-subject wonder—the Four Generations, I never imagined my blog, renamed and retooled in September 2014, would …

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eucalyptus grove

A Fly on the Wall

Wall to Wall At my house, a fly on the wall has to contend with original art work and framed prints. I am very proud to display several original oils by my grandmother who was a prolific painter in her late 50s. Treva Maynard McCune, who was too humble to sign most of her 200 …

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Number Sightings: A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time How often do you see this number? Does this number in the photo above jump out at you at random moments? The number can only appear twice daily on a digital clock, so the odds may be pretty good. I estimate that I see this exact number on my clock in …

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Re-Spring Your Step with Some Dog Walkin’

There is nothing that puts a spring in my step than a walk or jog with my precious pups, Aero and Gideon. A simple mention of the word "walk" has these pups wriggling and woofing with delight. If they catch me putting on my black exercise pants, the fun begins as they both fall on the …

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Photography 101: Triumphs of the First Time

In response to today’s daily post, I decided to re-blog photos of my first times trying difficult leisure pastimes, stand-up paddling (not that difficult) and windsurfing (VERY difficult).

The first time we try something can be fraught with failure and frustration, and therefore easy to give up. When I tried windsurfing for the first time, I wanted to prove to myself and my then new boyfriend (now husband) that I could succeed at this. After all, I was a swimmer in high school and college, AND the Aquatics Director of a public leisure organization, so I must be a natural at this new water sport! Oh, I had visions of being a superstar on the water…NOT! Windsurfing has such a ridiculously slow learning curve, and I would have given up had it not been for my new windsurfer friends encouraging me and my overly-competitive nature. Plus the new wet suit he had bought me still needed breaking in.

Enjoy your first time trying something new. Regardless of any frustrations or fear, the rewards for trying, pushing yourself and accomplishing anything new are vast and everlasting!


Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

There is nothing quite as satisfying as accomplishing a difficult sport for the first time! Even more of a triumph when you start these sports at age 50! Do not let age or other barriers stop you from trying something new!

Both of these shots were edited in picmonkey. I cropped and warmed the SUP photo, then deepened the contrast. In the windsurfing photo. I pulled out most of the color except for the red of my shorts and sail, and deepened the contrast and exposure. This really shows how rough the water is due to the tide and the wind and gives the shipwrecked boat behind me a darker, brooding look.

Cheers to Photography 101 for teaching us these easy techniques!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth of a Bay in Winter

Spent a few days in San Diego at Christmas time. This is Sunday afternoon, at Crown Point in Pacific Beach. The weather was sunny and about 65 degrees. It was very warm at the beginning of the week, then by Christmas, it got much colder (55 degrees is cold for San Diego!). Warmth

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Mellow Yellow

This photo was taken in mid-November in North Lake Tahoe. It was a very unseasonably warm day on the lake and people were out kayaking and stand-up paddling. I was struck how the yellow kayak and the yellow leaves stood out against the cool blues and greens of the background. <a href="https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/yellow/">Yellow</a>

Happy Third Anniversary!

Today marks my third year blogging on WordPress! From that date in October 2011, I started and stopped and was very inconsistent. Thank you to Blogging 101 and 201 for the opportunity to grow and refocus my blog to what it is now! I have over 130 followers (impressive to me after I started 101 …

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Perspectives On…(Merriam-) Webster’s Dictionary

Dictionary, schmictionary, who needs one? Have you ever used a word incorrectly or heard someone else use (or write) a word that was close but not quite the word? No doubt we have all been embarrassed by this faux-pas. I am more likely to sing the wrong words to a song, rather than say or …

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