Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Spring #Green

hummer on wire_spring green

Just in time to celebrate the spring equinox and last week’s “wearin’ o’ the green” for St. Patrick’s Day, this week’s Sunday Stills theme is all about the color green. Not just any green but “spring” green as seen below. Think of fresh, lively greens as dormant plants and trees open their sleepy blooms to the sky (northern hemisphere).

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“Everything is so green it hurts my eyes.”

My remarks when we would visit my cousins in East Texas in spring or summer.

Terri Webster Schrandt

Green is the fresh emblem of well-founded hopes. In blue, the spirit can wander, but in green, it can rest.

Mary Webb

Spring green does not have to be about plants and trees, although I have a few! Spring green is everywhere as you can see in my gallery. (Click images to see in full size).

A Green Gallery

One More B&W Image

I had a lot of comments and questions on my image-compare photo of the hummingbird last week, showing the difference between the same photo in color and in B&W. Here is another hummingbird image shown in image compare, to share for Lisa’s Bird Weekly challenge. Image Compare can be found in the block editor.

hummer on wire_spring greenHummer shades of gray
Spring green or black and white?

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Two New Ways to Share Your Amazing Photos

WordPress Stories
Have you tried WordPress stories yet? I posted two this week; one was a preview of today’s post. This is done through your mobile device (currently through Android). I had to upload the most updated WordPress app version, so do check it out. If you’ve shared stories through Facebook and Instagram, you know those only last 24 hours then poof into the netherworld they fly only to be seen by you if you remembered to download them. These seem to serve as quick mini-posts and will stay on your blog’s home page, another great way to share. I don’t see ways to link back to the host’s post, but WordPress Stories seems like another fun way to share our talents within WordPress. Here is mine if you missed it! See full article.

Too Busy to Write a Post for a Photo Challenge? Try Sharing in Comments
Last week, I took a page out of Hugh’s Views and News and Joe’s Easin’ Along by sharing an image in my comment section. Sometimes we don’t have time to write a whole post, but sharing an image in the host’s post is almost as productive. Others will likely view the image and visit your blog. Here is how to accomplish this simple task: Sharing image In Comments or Hugh’s Tutorial.

The Good News and Bad News

Lots of major items were checked off the new house last week. The carpet and septic system were both installed. You guessed; this was the good news.

So what pray tell could be the bad news? We’ve been given the green light (ha!) for the impending walk-through, and move the RV onto the property while they finish. Now, how is this bad news, you ask, scratching your head? Well, we will have no Internet until March 31. Oh yes, and I will be in full-on unpacking and moving mode. So, I will be on a two-week blogging break while I get my act together!

Back to the good news! Marsha Ingrao of Always Write will host Sunday Stills on March 28 and April 4. March 28 is “Respect Your Cat Day,” instead of Emerging which is postponed to April 11. April 4 is “volunteering.” The themes will be updated on my Sunday Stills page, with a link to Marsha’s blog. The remaining April themes will be posted soon! Please feel free to follow our moving progress on Facebook and Instagram, and I may be able to share a WordPress story or two!

The RV park sign shows the color of spring green nicely in its logo. We’ll say goodbye on March 24 as we begin to move into the house!

RV campground sign

Thank you to all who shared your stunning black and white photos this past week. Many commented that B&W photography was not their “thing,” yet everyone shared at least one amazing image. I was truly inspired by YOU all and aim to explore more black and white photography.

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge Reminders

  • Please create a new post for the theme or link a recent one.
  • Title your blog post a little differently than mine.
  • Don’t forget to create a pingback to this post so that other participants can read your post. I also recommend adding your post’s URL into the comments.
  • Entries for this theme can be posted all week.
  • Use hashtag #SundayStills for sharing on social media.

An Expressive But Colorless Collection

Sunday Stills is a wonderful community of bloggers and photographers who desire to connect with one another. Each week I will share the links from the previous post so you can continue to meet and support each other. And with that…view the spectacular and inspiring images in black and white last week shared by your fellow bloggers.

I look forward to your spring green images this week. Please visit my Sunday Stills page to see the latest updates.

Have a wonderful week and “see” you back here on April 11th!

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