Sunday Stills: #Eerie Sights and Sounds

Now that my children are grown and gone, I really don’t celebrate the day much except for a few mild decorations, which I shared last week. Since Sunday Stills landed on Halloween today, I was inspired for this week’s theme, “Eerie,” by the Google Chrome theme “Eerie Autumn” which cycles wallpaper images to my desktop. … Continue reading Sunday Stills: #Eerie Sights and Sounds

Sunday Stills: Indoor/Outdoor #Décor

This might seem like a strange theme this week, but between Halloween and Autumn (or Spring) decorations, I thought it would be fun to see what everyone else sees. I like to surround myself with the colors and signs of the season. As the holidays approach, seems like indoor and outdoor décor is all around … Continue reading Sunday Stills: Indoor/Outdoor #Décor

Sunday Stills: The #Pink Side of October

I know, I know, another color challenge, well, kinda… I enjoyed all of your fabulous oranges last week for the monthly color challenge. But Elle Woods would argue... "Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed."Elle Woods, Legally Blonde These "pretty in pink" adorable twins enjoyed riding the harvest train and frolicking all … Continue reading Sunday Stills: The #Pink Side of October

Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Burnt or Blood #Orange

Beware! This post has something for everyone today, including cute dogs, pumpkins, and lots of orange! I don’t know what it is about October that it seems to represent the various shades of orange. Perhaps it's the variety of the fall leaves, pumpkins and Halloween jack o’ lanterns. Hence our color challenge this month, focusing … Continue reading Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Burnt or Blood #Orange

Sunday Stills: #Sports and #Hobbies

Hello October! As spring ramps up in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m sure many folks can’t wait to get back to their favorite outdoor activities and hobbies. Here in the cold north, most of our outdoor sports and pastimes are ending or adjusting as the changing weather and cooler temps of Autumn close in. A hobby … Continue reading Sunday Stills: #Sports and #Hobbies