Sunday Stills: What’s #Bugging You?

How is it the first of August already? For folks living in the northern hemisphere, most of us are experiencing the hottest outdoor temperatures of the year. With hot temps, guess who comes to visit? Bugs! Whether or not you are a fan of insects, this is an opportunity to look closely in your gardens … Continue reading Sunday Stills: What’s #Bugging You?

Dragonfly Surprise!

The weekly photo challenge offers a Surprise in the guise of an ordinary dragonfly. Dragonflies are beautiful creatures. This one was near the end of its life and simply rested unmoving on our outdoor chair. I used last year's, then new, digital camera and took a series of shots. In my next image, I photographed him from … Continue reading Dragonfly Surprise!

The Bugs of Summer

(Not to be confused with the “Boys of Summer” for you baseball fans) I have this collection of macro photos of insects and spiders (hey, they make great subjects!) This post was “planned” (lurking on my editorial calendar), waiting for the right moment in which to create the post. The WordPress weekly photo challenge theme … Continue reading The Bugs of Summer