The weekly photo challenge offers a Surprise in the guise of an ordinary dragonfly.A close-up a an ordinary dragonfly

Dragonflies are beautiful creatures. This one was near the end of its life and simply rested unmoving on our outdoor chair. I used last year’s, then new, digital camera and took a series of shots.

In my next image, I photographed him from the top. You can see the gossamer wings almost like delicate stained glass, and the emergence of something else. But in the next shot…wait for it…

Top view of the dragonfly reveals something!

SURPRISE! No wonder other bugs quake in fear!

A surprise face from this angle

Hope you enjoyed the show!


38 thoughts on “Dragonfly Surprise!

  1. This is a fun surprise, Terri. The first two photos show the beauty of the dragonfly and the third is just plain funny! Same critter, different POV – as I writer, he taught me a lot! Thanks.


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