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Sunday Stills: Monthly Color Challenge—#Glacier #Blue

Welcome back to the Sunday Stills Monthly color challenge. Last October and November I thought it would be fun to share images based on a color theme. For January, “glacier” blue seems like a good choice. If you have seen a glacier, there is a particular color of blue, almost turquoise, that is found within …

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Sunday Stills: The #Textures of Our Lives

A similar theme to weathered from a few weeks ago, textures all around us seem to be abundant in Autumn. As we bundle up for warmth in the northern hemisphere, we wrap ourselves in textures. Art is the colors and textures of your imagination.Meghan Trainor This week's theme for Sunday Stills is texture if you …

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Sunday Stills: We Are #Thankful Through it All

As folks prepare for Thanksgiving in the US this week, it will be a completely different holiday this year. As we navigate through a pandemic that has sickened millions and taken the lives of loved ones, we stand in fear of continuing the spread of the Covid virus by reducing our time spent with family …

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Shut the front door! Submitting my own front door for Thursday Doors challenge.

Shut the Front Door: Thursday Doors

"Shut the front door!" Have you ever heard anyone exclaim with that expression? I know of several people who use it (ad nauseum). I hope I haven't inadvertently offended any readers with this expression. I don't say it because the several people I know who use that expression really overuse it. This expression replaces "shut the …

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Drinking Coffee and Living in Dust

If we were having coffee today, we would be at my home, likely sitting on my backyard deck. It’s nice outside but will get to 95 degrees today. The fires I wrote about last week are mostly contained and there is very little smoke in the air. I am writing this post on a Saturday! …

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A Fly on the Wall

Wall to Wall At my house, a fly on the wall has to contend with original art work and framed prints. I am very proud to display several original oils by my grandmother who was a prolific painter in her late 50s. Treva Maynard McCune, who was too humble to sign most of her 200 …

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Home Office Nook

Home Office Makeover

The only office I have really had was my office space at work. When I am home, I have used the sofa and nearby end table as a mini work station with my laptop. The space is very pleasant and I have worked like this since 2007 when I was in grad school. It has …

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Photography 101: Warmth of a Kitchen

For this photography 101 assignment, we were to use light to invoke warmth into the shot. What better place to find warmth than in the lovely kitchen of my sister-in-law. This was taken a day before Thanksgiving in Eastern Washington state. Here the winter sun is struggling to shine in through the window and manages …

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