Welcome back to the Sunday Stills Monthly color challenge. Last October and November I thought it would be fun to share images based on a color theme. For January, “glacier” blue seems like a good choice.

If you have seen a glacier, there is a particular color of blue, almost turquoise, that is found within the compacted ice. Some reference glacier blue as a décor choice which is more of a grayish-blue. Think of icebergs floating in cold arctic waters.

In this image I borrowed from Unsplash, you can get the idea of the colors.

Glacier Blue
Photo by Valdemaras D. on Unsplash

Perhaps you are lucky enough to have pictures of a glacier or icebergs in your archives. Once again, we are going for the color, not necessarily an actual image of a glacier.

Let’s take a look at some ideas of the colors from my perspective.

Staring right at me while composing this post was a bottle of water. I shot this macro to show more of the glacier blue color. Coincidentally, the brand shows a glacier-like image.

macro water bottle

At a neighbor’s Christmastime wedding two years ago, I photographed their lovely decorations.

Christmas blue decorations

I had this image of blue flowers, known as lithodora, in my archives, from a neighbor’s home in Sacramento. Did you know that blue is the rarest flower color? Various shades of blue are seen on only 10 percent of the 280,000 flowering plants on Earth.

A photographic study in blue densely packed flowers.

Submitting for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

House Update Uplift

I know it’s a stretch but my house color exterior is grayish-blue. It’s a good excuse to share an update. In this photograph, the house was set onto the foundation and put together on January 4. Our spirits were “uplifted” to be able to walk around inside, even though a lot still has to be done before we can move in. We selected this house purely by floor plan and online photos, so we are pleased with the roominess and layout.

manufactured home set

As soon as temporary power is available, the contractor will continue work on the outside of the property. Simultaneously, the home construction crew can finish the interior, which still may take up to 4-6 more weeks. We are pleased with the progress so far, and marvel at the work being done even under these cold conditions.
This section is partially inspired by Becky B’s SquaresUp challenge.

I am looking forward to your interpretation of this week’s color challenge. Next week the theme is fog and clouds.

Join me Monday for my review of Jacqui Murray’s book, Against All Odds.

Camera graphic

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102 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: Monthly Color Challenge—#Glacier #Blue

  1. ALL of the blues. Loved your post and especially the house construction coming along. As we wake in Australia we know now there is”blue” in the White House and we are so pleased about that.

    My take, as is my wont, is about blue and water…

    Thank you for #sundaystills which I link up at the end of the week due to my blogging pattern!


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  2. Terri, I love the color blue and your images inspired me to create a little ‘glacier blue’ photo challenge for myself. I see you have already cleared the pingback, so I won’t leave the URL here. Hope you enjoy my interpretation of the challenge.

    Congratulations on the new house. It looks almost ready for move-in day. I’m sure you are excited!

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  3. I’ve not been able to find one photo in my vast archives that contain glacier blue, Terri. So I’ve had to admit defeat on this one, which I hate doing, but it’s given me the challenge to photograph something that is glacier blue.
    It was only just over two weeks ago that I put away the Christmas decorations. I’m sure there is something ‘glacier blue’ in those boxes, so it may not be until December 2021 until you see that photo.
    Great news on your new home. It must have been an amazing experience to walk around it. I remember doing the same in our current house when it was still under construction. At that time, there was a lot of mud and rain getting into the structure. However, a few months later, it was like walking into the same world that had been totally transformed.

    Have a great week.

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    1. I would bet one of your lovely seaside shots would qualify as glacier blue! It was fun being inside the home, Hugh, thanks! We really should not have gone inside but I couldn’t wait and we needed measurements for some new furniture orders. Fun stuff!

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  5. Beautiful colour choice and you have some super photos to illustrate it! I love the macro from the water bottle and the Christmas decorations too. And the house looks like it will be lovely!

    I posted my best archive glacier blue photos just a couple of weeks ago – I must have anticipated this theme I guess. Is it OK to update that to link to this or is that not within the spirit of the challenge?

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  6. I am a fan of that glacier-blue color. Although, thinking about it makes me shiver! Like whenever I saw real glaciers and floating ice chunks years ago. 🙂 Happy to read that the house is roomy and as advertised. Those 4-6 weeks will be over in a jiffy! Have a wonderful week, Terri!

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  7. Buying a house is a peculiar experience. When I buy a shirt in a store (pre-pandemic, of course) I walk around with it for an hour or so as I shop for other items. I try it on maybe twice, I walk around some more, then I purchase it, try it on at home another 2 or 3 times, and even then may decide to return it. When we bought our house, 35 years ago, I saw it and walked inside maybe 3 times, altogether less than 2 hours. The purchase of a ten dollar shirt is nearly a month’s long engagement. The purchase of a house requiring thousands of dollars in long term financial commitment is barely a blown kiss. It’s a wonder we don’t all flee the moment we drop our first box on the carpet, yelling, “No, second thoughts, can’t live here, not buying it!” And you bought your new home by looking at pictures?! You are much braver than I.

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    1. I am just cracking up at the idea of you walking around the store pondering buying a blouse. But I hear what you are saying, Shari! I did see 3-D images of the home. I must have looked 100 times. I have a detailed floor plan, a website full of model home pics, and yes, faith. But, I did walk through many model homes and knew this one was the one. And we walked the 1/2 acre property before we bought, too.

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  8. Hi, Terri,
    As usual, your pictures are excellent, and I love the topic. My contribution is an image taken in Yellowstone last summer of a thermal pool in the West Geyser Basin. I love blue! Glad to hear you’re making progress with the house. Stay warm up there.

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  9. What a great selection of blues Terri, even your new house! So good to have an update on progress too! As you deal with the cold we have lovely warm summer days here and maybe I should have used the blue sky in my collection, instead I went with the literal interpretation of glacier, from our trip to Iceland a few years ago. It was the first thing I thought of for the prompt! http://debs-world.com/2021/01/17/theres-nothing-like-an-actual-glacier-to-show-off-glacier-blue-for-sundaystills/

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  10. So which came first Terri, the house color or the color for the week’s challenge?! Thanks for the update, please do keep us posted on progress! We’ve been fortunate to see, fly onto, float around and climb on a number of glaciers, one more beautiful than the next. The interesting thing is that although their “glacier blue” color is absolutely true and glorious, when you stand on them or otherwise get close enough to them, they are pretty grungy/dirty. One wonders how they get that way and why you don’t see it until you’re very close. I’d say air pollution but they’re in some of the most pristine areas anywhere on earth. Go figure! And PS. had no idea about the blue flowers, interesting factoid beautifully illustrated by your image.

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    1. Thanks, Tina! I chose the blue for the challenge thinking of winter colors. It occurred to me later that my new house is blue gray, and it was a good time for an update. I love those happy accidents. I read the glacier color is a refracting of the red light and the blue light is concentrated in our visual spectrum. I adore those blue flowers. I’ve never seen them anywhere else and struggled trying to research what they were when I originally posted the image. I would love to be in parts of the world where I can get up close an personal with a glacier or iceberg.

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  11. Hi Terri, I joined you this week in the challenge, however, I may not have achieved the Glacial Blue colour entirely. I did however, have fun revisiting our trip to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies. I enjoyed your ‘take’ on the prompt and hope you are enjoying your new home. Great to be here at #SundayStills. https://secondwindleisure.com/2021/01/17/sunday-stills-monthly-color-challenge-glacier-blue/

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    1. Thank you, Sue, it was lovely to “see” you and enjoy your vacation to Banff and areas! I left a comment on your blog (I hope…it didn’t seem to publish) about how well you captured the variety of glacier blues! Still a few weeks until we can move in but meanwhile we are making the most of Spokane and spending time with family, which is the primary reason for us to move here.


    1. Jodie, I got to see the 3-D view and believe me when I say I spent hours looking as if I was there inside. I goofed on ordering a couple of options, but we are very pleased with the layout, size (2040 sf) and storage capacities. I can’t wait to post a virtual open house in a few months 🙂 And, yes I am buying new furniture on sale with delivery set for a few weeks out. Hopefully the timing works out!


  12. Hi, Terri – Thanks for giving us this awesome challenge. I have greatly enjoyed participating. I love how you found ‘glacial blue’ right in front of you as you were writing. I also love how this theme gave you the perfect segway to a housing update. Your new home is looking wonderful. I look forward to following its progress!

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  13. Love the blues and am excited about the progress on your house. I used to sell modular buildings so I’m familiar with what you’re going through–though my buildings were daycare centers and hospitals.

    Can’t wait to hear more about the progress!

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  14. This was a challenging one for me because I wanted to challenge myself to go out and find colors, but the weather didn’t cooperate and life happens so I just drove around my little town for inspiration and found a few things, then I took some pictures from my archives. Thanks for the challenge.

    I’m sure you’re excited to get into your new place.

    Here’s my link for the week.


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