How Emotions Can Inspire Your Writing

I Lost My Oreo

I just spent a fabulous weekend at a blogger's conference in Las Vegas. I am truly inspired by the incredible bloggers who are published authors or are living their dreams through their online businesses.  I share this post from a year ago as a testament to writing personal essays using our deepest emotions to tell a …

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My Oreo Lives Forever: The Journey

This post marks my final installment of the life of my dog, Oreo and wraps up the three-part Writing 101 assignment, Serially Lost. To catch up, please read the prequel about Oreo and the story of I Lost My Oreo. Oreo’s life went on as it does for any dog. Oreo spent long days in the …

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I Found My Oreo: The Early Years

The back-story of our beloved dog Oreo begins here. In a previous post, I wrote about how we lost our Oreo. Two years after my divorce, my youngest daughter still longed for the dogs we had when her dad was still here. Being a newly-single mother of two young daughters, with no monetary help whatsoever, …

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Oreo-Loved-the Delta

I Lost My Oreo

Oreo was my beloved 14-year old Springer Spaniel-Australian Shepherd mix. He was 12-weeks old when he and his twin brother were brought to the SPCA. My daughters and I had just gotten a Chow puppy and were taking him home when we saw the cute, freckle-faced black and white pups. The next day, I came …

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Backyard View

A Neighbor’s View

Nancy opened her blinds and smiled as she gazed out her bedroom window at the stately redwoods in her neighbor’s backyard. “I’m so glad Terri planted the trees so many years ago,” she thought. She winced in pain as she turned back to her bed and gingerly lay down, propping her pillow to continue witnessing …

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