Bee on Lavender

Sunday Stills: It’s A #Bug’s Life

This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge theme is all about a bug’s life. Do bugs bug you? I am tolerant of most bugs except black widows, ants, and cockroaches. In other words, I will go out of my way to save a hapless spider or insect that is trapped in the tub, or the random …

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The Bugs of Summer

(Not to be confused with the “Boys of Summer” for you baseball fans) I have this collection of macro photos of insects and spiders (hey, they make great subjects!) This post was “planned” (lurking on my editorial calendar), waiting for the right moment in which to create the post. The WordPress weekly photo challenge theme …

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Mothra: Sunday Stills Challenge

If you like bugs, you might find this over-sized moth a benign presence. If you don't, well...I suppose you could bring out the extra large fly swatter. Mothra, a giant moth-like creature, was the nemesis of Godzilla in the old Japanese sci-fi movies. Remember those? Did you ever spend a rainy Saturday afternoon watching old …

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Ick! My Spidey-Sense is Tingling

Embrace the Ick SPIDERS. The very word conjures up the creepy, crawly, heebie-jeebies. My mom taught my brother and me, as kids, to love tarantulas and snakes. We had a terrarium that was home to those critters, and yes, they had names, but they escape me for the moment. And, no, the critters never escaped. …

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