Book Review Journey to Aviad by Allison D. Reid

My Book Review of Journey To Aviad

I am pleased to share my review of Journey to Aviad, Book 1 of the Wind Rider Chronicles, by fellow blogger and author, Allison D. Reid. About the Author Allison D. Reid is a Christian Fantasy author with a fondness for Medieval history. Her first published series, the Wind Rider Chronicles, embraces traditional fantasy elements …

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How can we encourage more readers to leave reviews for our books?

Let me ask you a question…are a you a reader, a writer, an author, a blogger? All of the above? Then this post is for you!

As a prolific author, Sally Cronin recently shared some wonderful advice for encouraging readers of our books to leave honest reviews using Amazon and GoodReads.

Like Sally, I am surprised that many readers feel intimidated to leave an honest review for a book they’ve read. It is not always easy to leave a review but if readers feel strongly about a book and can take just a few moments, that review is gold for the author. Feedback is everything to an author.

I have made the commitment to review at least one book a month and share that review on my blog. For myself, I have discovered more books by reading other bloggers’ book reviews.

Sally plans to add a page at the end of her books encouraging folks to leave reviews. If you are in the process of writing a book now, do consider this option.

Here is an action item by Sally that any author can do NOW!

“In the meantime I am going to add a note to my author’s page on Amazon requesting reviews for my current books and adding a link to this post.. Who knows!”

As writers, let’s continue to support and share our fellow writers’ works.

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

I am very keen to make reviews a prominent feature of the book promotions and encourage readers to review the books that they buy and enjoy, or not as the case may be.

Word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool that anyone who is selling a product benefits from. Authors are no different, and our books tend to be judged by the number and quality that they have received.

Part of the problem is that those who are not writers of books or blogs are uncomfortable in offering reviews and feel that what they have to say is not important. Many who do review a book, leave just one line after their star rating, simply saying that the reader enjoyed or disliked a book, but they do not elaborate.

That is obviously very welcome. But whilst a potential reader does not want to read three pages filled…

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Book Review The Rock of Magus by Toni Pike

Book Review of Toni Pike’s The Rock of Magus

I am pleased to share my review of Toni Pike’s book, The Rock of Magus: Code Red in the Vatican, the second in the Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller series. About the Author: Toni Pike is the author of The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series: “The Magus Covenant,” “The Rock of Magus,” and “The Magus Epiphany.” …

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Read my book reviews on For the Love of Reading

For the Love of Reading–Book Review: Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire

Now that I am a self-published indie author, I very much appreciate book reviews! In the world of blogging, I am honored to know a growing number of indie authors who are self-publishing books. My goal on this blog is to review at least one book per month. You will find the reviews on my …

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From The World Of Blogging – Edition 1

This new feature on Hugh’s Views and News, epitomizes what his blog is about: views and news! Hugh graciously highlights the latest blogging news while sharing links to others’ blogs (including mine–many thanks, Hugh!). Hugh’s post features blogging tips, book reviews, and two 2017 blogging events, one in UK and the other in Chicago! Do check this out and visit the links!

Hugh's Views & News  

Welcome to my third new feature, for 2017, here on Hugh’s Views & News.

From The World Of Blogging

As bloggers, not only do we write and publish posts, but we also need to read and comment on the posts published by other bloggers. ‘From The World Of Blogging’ will feature blog posts I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading and commented on, as well as snippets of news I’d like to share with you.

First up, is a beautifully written post from Esther Newton. In ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’ Esther reflects not only on the last moments of the life of her Grandfather but shares with us some wise words he asked her to promise to keep. A moving piece of writing that may bring a tear to the eye, Esher really brings out her feelings and manages to portray them to the reader. Check her post out by clicking here.

If you’re looking for…

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You Too can Write an EBook

You, Too, Can Write an Ebook

As bloggers, most of us dream about writing a book someday, whether it is a work of fiction, an informative non-fiction book, a memoir, or some other literary work just waiting to be brought to life with our words. This is probably why you started your blog, to practice the art of writing, to explore …

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