Over 50 & Thriving Series Three ways to thrive when your leisure time expands

Three Ways to Thrive When Your #Leisure Time Expands: A Guest Post

Join me today as I share my thoughts on ways to thrive when your leisure time expands. I discuss these concepts on Sue’s lovely blog as part of her Over 50 & Thriving Guest Series. Thriving at midlife is a concept our parents and grandparents probably didn’t think about. Baby Boomers today have so many …

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Is Work the Missing Ingredient in Your Retirement Happiness Plan? By Robin Trimingham

If you are at the stage of your life where you are planning your retirement, take a look at this article. Not only do we have to decide if our finances are ready, but we have to determine if we are ready for all the leisure time we will have. Many folks who retire from their “day” jobs, choose to find part-time meaningful work as their second-act!

For more information on retirement, please visit my post Three Ways I Right-Sized in Retirement.

What is your second act going to be? Please share in the comments!


Is Work the Missing Ingredient in Your Retirement Happiness Plan? By Robin Trimingham

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding whether Baby Boomers actually plan to stop working when they retire from their current source of employment.

According to a report published by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, only 25% of all American workers intend to cease working immediately when the “reach a certain age or savings goal”, and approximately half intend to keep working for reasons of income and “health benefits”.

A recent Gallup poll concluded that the number of people who intend to work part-time beyond the normal retirement age is even higher, with nearly 75% of the people they surveyed indicating that they will keep working beyond the age of sixty-five.

For many the reason to keep working is not merely financial. The five key benefits of work for older people cited by Dr…

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Media thieves are looking for you. Don't leave yourself vulnerable

Online Thieves are Looking for You by Bob Lowry

Media thieves are looking for you. Don't leave yourself vulnerableThis is the time of year where we are all most vulnerable to online thieves and hackers. Olderhood.com posts some great articles focusing on the Boomer lifestyle!


Connected world

Online Thieves Are Looking For You by Bob Lowry

The holiday shopping season has begun in earnest. Projections are a 10% increase in online sales over last year, which already set records. Unfortunately, that means a growing opportunity for those who want to separate you from your money, your online identity, or plant an infected piece of software on your computer.

I received information from Enigma Software Group, a company that markets anti-malware software. There were sobering statistics on the spike in growth of this dangerous phenomenon.  The company also gave me some tips to pass along to help keep you safe. Be on high alert for:

1) Spam emails and links promising great deals. Malware makers know that people will be on the lookout for great prices on everything from Xboxes to phones. They’ll send bogus emails promising super low prices.

And those emails will contain links that can install malware…

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Three Ways I Right-sized in Retirement

Three Ways I Rightsized in Semi-Retirement

We read a lot about downsizing these days as Baby Boomers are actively pursuing new ways of life as they consider retirement. "Rightsizing" is a process that implies a less than cutthroat approach to restructuring than downsizing. I have been following Kathy's blog SMARTLiving365.com and recently had the opportunity to write this guest post while she was enjoying some travel. Kathy and I …

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Retirement brings leisure in the form of a hammock

Guest Post: Searching for Balance in Retirement

I am pleased to feature a fellow WordPress blogger Janis H. Her post first appeared on her website Retirementally Challenged. I encourage you to visit her blog! Take it away, Janis!   Sometimes it seems like it’s been much less than two years since I was wrapping up my final weeks of employment and looking …

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Happy Blogging Anniversary: Why TMI is Not What it Seems

Has it really been a year? Last September, I decided to dust off my blog, then titled "Insights by Terri Webster Schrandt." I looked at the WordPress Reader and saw the invitation for Blogging 101. Although I started my blog in October, 2011, it was very narrowly focused and bored even me. It was time …

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The Starbucks’ Hour: Writing 101

Conversation flows, coffee brews, barista steams. Age knows no bounds here--people of all ages just talk, while sipping their drinks of choice. Three groups of college students negotiate their homework, all the while texting. Why engage in a group if all look down at their phones? Older Baby Boomers discuss the subjects of the day, …

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whale and windsurfers

A Day in the Life of a Delta Windsurfer

Today is Leisurely Thursday and my feature shares thoughts about sports and ageing as well as highlights a day in the life of a Sacramento delta windsurfer. If you follow my blog, you know that I windsurf. So? you may ask? A lot of people do fun leisure activities. I basically started windsurfing to impress …

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Sitting on beach

Desiderata–You Are a Child of the Universe

Happy Saturday and last day of February, 2015! I had to share this post again with this back story. I had some business on my university campus last summer and as I stood in line, a young woman in front of me sported a tattoo with some of the words from this poem: "You are …

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That’s What Friends are For

I have always believed that I was rich… in my social relationships. Humans are designed to build social capital, “ the network of social connections that exist between people, and their shared values and norms of behavior, which enable and encourage mutually advantageous social cooperation.” (Dictionary.com) The photo above embodies my recent relationships I have …

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Leisure Connections, Stats and Stories

Connections. This word can conjure many meanings. In the blog world it means making and cultivating our connections with other bloggers, with which we have a connected community. We have work connections, family connections, and of course, our connections in leisure. I want to focus on the value of leisure. A previous daily prompt challenged …

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On Being a Disappointed Daughter

Back in September, I wrote a post that elicited an emotional response from a variety of readers. The current Blogging 101 course asked bloggers to tell us about their "dream reader". On Bloglovin, I am dabbling in the 31 days of better bogging challenge, which mirrors this assignment. I would like the share this again with all …

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Why Retire At 55? (Part 1)

Many thanks to “A Momma’s View” for posting this on her page!

A Momma's View

I have a unique opportunity to retire at age 55; maybe not that unique, but more of a rarity. I was fortunate to begin work for a recreation and parks department at a municipal government agency at age 26.

How can I retire at 55? In California, we (and our employers) pay into CalPERS, a public employee retirement system. To retire, the formula for eligibility is 2% at 55. With 30+ years in, this is the equivalent of retiring with 60% of my salary. I have 31 years in with PERS as I was able to purchase service credits from working part-time during college at PERS agencies. With 31 years, I am retiring with 62% of my salary.

Image credit by globalaging.org Image credit by globalaging.org

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Workplace Comparisons Part 2: Succession of Knowledge

In the previous post, I briefly compared each generation’s work attitude and outlook. This next post will look at how the succession of workplace knowledge may be lost with the exodus of the older generations. In the workplace, all employees regardless of age want meaningful work, a respectful work climate and the ability to acquire …

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