My interpretation of a windsurf sunset. Painted by me in 2009.

Leisure Imitates and Creates Art

Photography often inspires art, such as paintings, drawings, sculpture and even crafts. Photography itself is viewed as an art. Creativity is inspired using any type of media. This week's weekly photo challenge is Life Imitates Art , asking photographers to find artwork to imitate through a photo. Years ago, I used to dabble in painting and …

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San Dollar Art Sculpture at San Diego's Palomar Hotel

Ornate Coastal Culture

The Weekly Photo Challenge invites us to post a photo of something that can be described as “Ornate.” The word ornate conjures up the synonym, “elaborate," marked by intricate and often excessive detail; complicated; Ornate. In the Palomar Hotel in downtown San Diego, as I walked around the lobby, filled with surf and coastal culture …

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Camera Lucida: The Colors of Life and Culture

I get to see amazing art work every day on the campus at which I teach. Lassen Hall, which houses the administration center on the Sacramento State University campus, sports this incredible mural, depicting the Aztec ruler, Montezuma. This mural, celebrating the culture of the Mexican people, was painted in October, 1978 by Ed Rivera, a …

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eucalyptus grove

A Fly on the Wall

Wall to Wall At my house, a fly on the wall has to contend with original art work and framed prints. I am very proud to display several original oils by my grandmother who was a prolific painter in her late 50s. Treva Maynard McCune, who was too humble to sign most of her 200 …

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