Allow the images to tell the story.

cumulonimbus calvas cloud
Spring Storm Clouds
arrowleaf balsamroot sunflower
Wild Sunflower bushes everywhere!

Cee’s Flower of the Day and Dawn’s Spring Festival

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18 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: What Storms May Bring

  1. Those clouds are whipped into a frenzy, that’s for sure. We’re on track for a storm to blow through here in the next half hour. I love the idea of a wild sunflower bush. I hope they last all Summer!

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    1. Such amazing clouds. I had to look them up in my pocket cloud book. Having only lived here 15 months, I’ve never seen so many wildflowers! The benefits of a long snowy winter and cool wet spring, unusual foe Spokane area. Thanks, Hugh! And again for the WW inspiration 😁


      1. Long cold winters and wet springs bring the best out of plant life, Terri. We’ve had a dry spring, although had our first spell of prolonged rain today. The gardens were thirsty.

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