Dragonfly nymph sheds into adulthood

As bloggers, I believe most of us are quite structured in our daily approach to writing; at least we try to be.

The weekly photo challenge asks us to share images that show Structure of something typically overlooked.

This past summer, as I enjoyed a day on the beach where we windsurf, I had the chance to photograph something amazing! In the wooded area less than a foot behind our beach chairs, a dragonfly nymph found a safe place to shed its exoskeleton and enter into adulthood.

“When the nymph is finally ready for adulthood, it crawls out of the water onto a rock or plant stem and molts one last time. It takes up to an hour for the adult to expand its body.” Source: 10 Fascinating Facts About Dragonflies

Even in the strong breeze, this smart little fellow stuck like glue onto the log as he emerged from the structure of his previous skin.

Molting Dragonfly: The Wonders of Nature


The breeze blew his now dried exoskeleton further from him.

Dragonfly leaves skin behind

It was amazing to sit and just watch this phenomenon of nature, while he seemed content to dry his wings in the sun.

A new adult emerges

The structures and cycles of nature are truly remarkable!

I wonder if we have the power to shed our old skin with the gracefulness and bravery of a dragonfly?


43 thoughts on “The Structured Life of a #Dragonfly

  1. Wow… I love dragonflies and didn’t know this! Thanks so much for sharing.. I think I need to do some more reasearch on them! I like the message, too. I think many people do re-emerge and re-invent themselves as they go through life. I know I have! 🙂

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  2. That is a remarkable photo Terri! Imagine being in the exact right place to cat that image. It is a great image to use to talk about transformation. Find a contest and enter it so you can win! I have never seen that kind of shot- not even in Nat. Geo!

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  3. Those photos are incredible, Terri! What a curious sight to watch. I know I shed skin, but definitely not as graceful as a dragonfly! I love the colors, details and structure of his wings. The cycles of life… 🙂

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  4. Agree with everyone that these are amazing photos, Terri. Just think how it would be if humans had to go through the same process. I believe we’re shedding our skin all the time and, in fact, we’re cleaning it up when we dust or use the vacuum cleaner. I could go on, but I’d end up putting everyone off their breakfast, lunch/dinner, supper.

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