Boats in San Diego Harbor

Wordy Wednesday: Summer Blues

The middle of July finds me reflecting on the fact that half of my summer is gone! Most of you know, it has been a very different summer for me as I recover from foot surgery, spending almost two months in a cast. Prior to the early June surgery date, I spent a few weekends …

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Trio of Sailors Windsurfing

How the Delta Changed My Life

I find this photo challenge interesting in that the word β€œdelta” is used to signify change or transition. Delta is a five-letter word that has been a huge part of my vocabulary since I met my hubby over 8 years ago. Much of my leisure time involves the Sacramento River Delta in Northern California where …

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In the Way

The Weekly Photo Challenge theme this week is "On the Way." On the Sacramento River at Sherman Island in the Sacramento Delta, this huge ship travels through the deep water channel. Ships frequently travel down the river from the Port of Sacramento on their way to the San Francisco Bay area. In this case, the …

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Windsurf Action!

Northern Californians, who windsurf in the Sacramento River Delta, are anticipating the season which begins as early as Easter weekend this year. In an area reserved for limited camping, windsurfers and kite-boarders eagerly await the day they can move in their trailers and gear. Let the sailing begin! This photo is included in Ed's Sunday …

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