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Sunday Stills: Whistle While You #Work

This holiday weekend, Labor Day (in the U.S.), is the traditional end to the summer, as school begins, and vacations are all but over. According to the US Department of Labor, “Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of …

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Over 50 & Thriving Series Three ways to thrive when your leisure time expands

Three Ways to Thrive When Your #Leisure Time Expands: A Guest Post

Join me today as I share my thoughts on ways to thrive when your leisure time expands. I discuss these concepts on Sue’s lovely blog as part of her Over 50 & Thriving Guest Series. Thriving at midlife is a concept our parents and grandparents probably didn’t think about. Baby Boomers today have so many …

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Creativity Flows When Bloggers Meet Up

Creativity Flows When Bloggers Meet Up

Every so often, as I sit down to write a new blog post, I get that nagging sense of discouragement and seriously ask myself “Why do I blog?” “What would happen if I stopped?” Do you ever ask yourself questions like that? I think we all question our commitment to our blogging journey from time …

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Graphic Depicting Retirement Activities

What Do Almost-Retired People Do All Day?

I am delighted to answer this question on Donna Connelly's wonderful blog, Retirement Reflections, as a guest blogger in her Sunday Series. Donna shares relevant insights on the often mystical world of retirement. Please visit her page and leave us a comment. Some Days in the Life of an Almost-Retired Person Original images in featured …

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Meeting my high school teacher 38 years later

Reconnecting with My High School Teacher

Who was your favorite high school teacher? Mine was Mrs. Myrra Lee, of Helix High School in La Mesa, California, a suburb of San Diego. Through an odd, but emotional set of circumstances, I discovered Mrs. Lee  was celebrating her 90th birthday in San Diego in July 2016, and her family posted an open invitation on Facebook to …

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Still fishing at 80+

Are You Still Young at Heart? By Robin Trimingham

Still fishing at 80+My Auntie passed away in her sleep a few days ago. She lived a long life well into her 80s. As our population ages, and people live much longer, we all need to consider the quality of life we will have into our 80s and beyond.

This article describes the benefits of fitness for the elderly (which, by the way, will be US in fewer years than we want to admit!). The USA is sadly FAR behind the rest of the world, offering little in the way of walk-able communities and fitness and wellness opportunities for older populations.

“…several large urban centers around the world are starting to install purpose built outdoor gyms and play areas for the elderly to inspire fitness and wellbeing.”

My father will celebrate his 81st birthday in mid-July. He keeps fit by taking care of his horses in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. This is a photo of him hiking around Mammoth Lakes last year.

If you have parents still alive, do you see to their care and fitness needs? Hopefully you can still encourage them to at least walk if they are able.

And while you are at it, work on your own fitness regimen. It’s easier than you think. More about that later.

You are never too old to play.

Are You Still Young at Heart? By Robin Trimingham

When I was young I used to beg my mother to take me to the neighbourhood park to play on the swings. To me, there was nothing better than the heart pounding exhilaration of being pushed higher and higher into the sky and then vaulting myself into space before landing in the soft sand below.

For an extra rush, I would occasionally convince her to drive me to another park about five minutes further away where the swing set was even larger and leaping from the seat required actual courage because the landing area was composed of wood chips which scattered beneath me as I touched down resulting in more than one scraped knee before I got the hang of it.

Fun times indeed.

Like most adults, I thought those days were long behind me until a doctor friend of mine…

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Is Work the Missing Ingredient in Your Retirement Happiness Plan? By Robin Trimingham

If you are at the stage of your life where you are planning your retirement, take a look at this article. Not only do we have to decide if our finances are ready, but we have to determine if we are ready for all the leisure time we will have. Many folks who retire from their “day” jobs, choose to find part-time meaningful work as their second-act!

For more information on retirement, please visit my post Three Ways I Right-Sized in Retirement.

What is your second act going to be? Please share in the comments!

Is Work the Missing Ingredient in Your Retirement Happiness Plan? By Robin Trimingham

There has been a lot of talk lately regarding whether Baby Boomers actually plan to stop working when they retire from their current source of employment.

According to a report published by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, only 25% of all American workers intend to cease working immediately when the “reach a certain age or savings goal”, and approximately half intend to keep working for reasons of income and “health benefits”.

A recent Gallup poll concluded that the number of people who intend to work part-time beyond the normal retirement age is even higher, with nearly 75% of the people they surveyed indicating that they will keep working beyond the age of sixty-five.

For many the reason to keep working is not merely financial. The five key benefits of work for older people cited by Dr…

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