Sunday Stills: Lighting Up the #Night

Sunday Stills Night

This week, as the northern hemisphere languishes in gloomy, shortened Winter days, let’s explore night photography. For those enjoying sunny summers or climates, it gets dark somewhere, right?

I admit right off that I am no expert when it comes to night photography. I know there are all kinds of aperture settings to capture images at night. Here is a useful article that explains the different types of night photography.

For now, lets explore what we have.

On Christmas night we got a record 8 inches of snow, adding to the three inches that previously fell. Now for all you snow experts out there, please indulge me a moment. I stepped outside to let my dog out into the backyard and the night sky at 9:00 pm was lit up!

Night Light

Where we are staying in suburbia, the area is surrounded by nearby businesses a few blocks away. Between the white snow on the ground and the clouds, punctuated by street lights, it looked more like twilight than night. I took these with my Galaxy Note phone and did very little editing. I walked outside and needed no extra light.

Bright Snowy Night

I know, I’m easily amused. Believe me, I have been in plenty of snowy, night conditions at Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevadas, and with several feet of snow on the ground near the casinos at Stateline, it was still very dark.

Has that been your experience if you have been outside on a dark, snowy night?

Outdoor lights can also illuminate objects like the leaves below.

Backyard porch light illuminates delicate Fall leaves

Ambient light from buildings and other outdoor venues also lends enough light to an image.

Cal State Capitol
California State Capitol

Two years ago I took a photography class to learn more about my Lumix camera and all its settings. The instructor worked with me to get my first moon shot. This was taken on Manual mode and I braced the camera on top of the fence, looked up, and put it on full zoom.

Moon shot

Don’t worry if night photography is not your thing. You can interpret the theme in any way that works for you and your creative energy.

Thank you to so many who shared their 2020 retrospective last week! I always enjoy blogging in the new year as it seems motivation abounds! Please welcome bloggers who joined Sunday Stills for the first time this week.

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Have a great week!

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Sunday Stills: My January Round-Up


Although I was on a break from hosting the Sunday Stills challenge, I left it in the capable and creative hands of Hugh and Carol! Huge thanks to them for posting their own interpretations of each week’s themes and for sharing your posts!

Trust me when I admit I miss my own photo challenge! Here is my round-up of January’s themes all in this post!


Driving on a road trip allows time for thinking. Although hubby and I do a LOT of talking, I managed to reflect on recent events and how blessed I am to be able to take road trips. The beginning of 2019 was a time to reflect on the previous year.

My time in Phoenix allowed for later reflection on the fun times we had with Ingrid and her husband. This hike to the Cave Creek area shows a wonderful juxtaposition of desert saguaros reflected in the stream surrounded by cottonwoods.

Desert Saguaros

In this photo, previously shared on Instagram, I was struck by the reflections even in the fog. We drove through the delta that day to return our trailer to its storage spot. Although a typical foggy day in January, the Sacramento River provided unexpected beauty.

FLoating Dock Reflections


I posted this image of my turquoise rings, all purchased in antique stores near Las Vegas.

Turquoise Ring Collection


I love taking pictures out of windows. During our stay in Sedona, most of what we saw lie in this view of our snowed-in campground from our trailer’s window.

Sedona Snowscape through Window
Trailer Window View of RV Campground in Sedona


Not happy that we had a cloudy night during the lunar eclipse on January 20th, I managed to capture the same moon at 5:30 in the morning (still night by my standards). This was the same January Wolf Moon, but the eclipse was long over. This was taken from my kitchen window! What I was doing up at that hour, I still don’t know!

January Wolf Moon 2019
After the Eclipse

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