Dogwood Trees bloom in May

Sunday Stills: #Plant Life Grows Around Us

This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge is all about plant life. Many folks are still limited to where they can go, but we can all walk in our backyards and gardens and enjoy plant life. While there, why not snap a few new pics to share with us this week? To plant a garden is …

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The Purity of Growing Your Own Veggies

Pure is the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I racked my brain and looked through older photos trying to find images that depicted "pure." Then I walked into my own backyard garden today and saw the baby veggies growing in the garden. Nothing says purity than planting your own veggies, watching them sprout and grow …

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purple flowers

Spring Garden

I took a walk around my neighborhood in this crazy, 70 degree weather we are having here in Northern California, that I just had to share! Isn't this garden beautiful? If you are still stuck in winter where you are, feel free to live vicariously through this photo! We "spring" ahead this weekend into Daylight …

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Photography 101: Pops of Color

How does color tell a story in your photo? The first image is of the sunrise over the Sea of Cortez in La Ventana, Mexico. Although the surrounding colors are muted, the window is on fire as it reflects the sunrise. The next image is the sunrise that was captured in the window! The sky …

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