The Social Side of Blogging

You started a blog. Congratulations, and I’m sorry. That is what we used to say to senior lifeguards who were promoted to Pool Manager for the first time. In other words, watch out what you wish for, because you may just get it! We start blogs for a thousand different reasons. Most of us want …

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Happy Blogging Anniversary: Why TMI is Not What it Seems

Has it really been a year? Last September, I decided to dust off my blog, then titled "Insights by Terri Webster Schrandt." I looked at the WordPress Reader and saw the invitation for Blogging 101. Although I started my blog in October, 2011, it was very narrowly focused and bored even me. It was time …

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200 posts

WordPress Milestone

This morning's post marked my 200th post on WordPress! The badge popped up and so did my eyebrows! Even though I started my WP account three years ago, it wasn't until September 2014 that I got serious, then joined Blogging University 101.  From there I followed lots of blogs, liked a LOT of posts and …

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On Being a Disappointed Daughter

Back in September, I wrote a post that elicited an emotional response from a variety of readers. The current Blogging 101 course asked bloggers to tell us about their "dream reader". On Bloglovin, I am dabbling in the 31 days of better bogging challenge, which mirrors this assignment. I would like the share this again with all …

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Blogging is Serious Leisure

Perspectives On…the Serious Leisure Pursuit of Blogging

Last month, I asked the question “What is leisure?” in my October 10 post. We know that the concept of leisure can have a multitude of meanings, from free time from obligations, spare time, non-work, etc. Leisure has three important functions: relaxation, entertainment and personal development. A form of leisure that many people find themselves …

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Happy Third Anniversary!

Today marks my third year blogging on WordPress! From that date in October 2011, I started and stopped and was very inconsistent. Thank you to Blogging 101 and 201 for the opportunity to grow and refocus my blog to what it is now! I have over 130 followers (impressive to me after I started 101 …

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Perspectives On…(Merriam-) Webster’s Dictionary

Dictionary, schmictionary, who needs one? Have you ever used a word incorrectly or heard someone else use (or write) a word that was close but not quite the word? No doubt we have all been embarrassed by this faux-pas. I am more likely to sing the wrong words to a song, rather than say or …

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