Sunday Stills: An #Urban Focus

You might ask why I would focus on “urban” as the theme for Sunday Stills this week. Most of you know I live in a rural area of Washington, having moved from a suburban area of Sacramento in 2020. While my images of urban are the focus, I’ll compare those to images of rural and … Continue reading Sunday Stills: An #Urban Focus

Fitness Friday: Five Popular Ways To Track Your #Fitness Progress

Now that March is almost behind us, have you committed to improving your fitness? If so, what is keeping you motivated? Read here and here for past blog posts about this subject. If you have tried and feel less than happy with your progress, I hope you can get some good ideas from this post. … Continue reading Fitness Friday: Five Popular Ways To Track Your #Fitness Progress

Sunday Stills: #Daylight in Black and White

In the US last weekend, we (reluctantly) turned the clocks forward for daylight saving time for most of the states. What happened to the choice voters made a few years ago to end this madness? I enjoy more evening daylight, but the morning is dark again. And my inner clock will be fouled up for … Continue reading Sunday Stills: #Daylight in Black and White

Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Not Too #Jaded

What now? You know me and my attempt at writing clever blog post titles. This week’s color challenge is not JUST green, but JADE. See the example. Original Photo by Karolina Grabowska on The example image of colors may help you with future monthly color challenges from March through June. I do adore the … Continue reading Sunday Stills Monthly Color Challenge: Not Too #Jaded

Sunday Stills: Making Meaningful #Memories

Those of us who are photographers understand how important capturing that perfect memorable moment is when trying to create lasting memories with our lenses. Some of those skills include: Being in the right place at the right timeHaving a lens readyRecognizing a seemingly mundane moment and capturing it anywayOrganizing image composition and photo-editing In the … Continue reading Sunday Stills: Making Meaningful #Memories

Sunday Stills: Another #Fresh Look At…

Are you getting fresh with me? Please do! February’s last Sunday Stills challenge finds us exploring “fresh.” Although the northern hemisphere temperatures have been downright cold of late, the cold air feels and smells fresh and clean. “Breathing fresh outdoor air is a known detoxification protocol.”― Steven Magee Fresh Air Just before our “warm” weather … Continue reading Sunday Stills: Another #Fresh Look At…