For Wordless Wednesday, let your image(s) tell the story!

Apartment gargoyle guardian, a 6-foot Gryphon
Apartment gargoyle guardian, a 6-foot Gryphon

Sharing for Marsha’s Wednesday Quotes Challenge: Belly Laugh/Colors of White and Gray and Cee’s CMMC

Playing around with a block editor suggestion from Hugh’s Views and News — worth the read! Be honest, what do you think?

Students lined up to blow bubbles

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More white and gray images to see on my latest Sunday Stills post. Please feel free to share and link your post through this Saturday.

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40 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: My New Obsession?

    1. There are a couple of smaller blocks, Jacqui, I agree that this one seems huge. Fun to play around with it.

      Funny story, my neighbor wanted to follow my blog. She used her phone. It took forever to find the subscribe widget on my own blog. I scrolled for days on last Sunday’s post and finally found it. She is not on WP, so she had to enter her email address to follow me. She was finall able to do it, but how many others woukd give up? Hugh makes a great point for adding the subscribe block in each post, since many readers use mobile devices (like I am right now). I appreciate your feedback.

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  1. Love the statue. You need one of those! It will keep the wild animals away! The box, not so much. Even though I’m not much for subscribing to emails, I’m going to read your posts anyway so…

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  2. What a great find that gargoyle is, Terri. He/she would look great standing outside any front door as a warning to uninvited visitors.

    Interesting feedback on your subscribe box. I can see that it does stand out on this post, but it could look very different on a Sunday Stills post or any post that is longer than just a post containing an image and a few words. I’ve currently got a three-way tie on the poll I’m running about adding a subscription/follow block. Given the feedback you’ve had, I may have two and use a more minor follow block on short posts and a large one on longer posts.

    I noted your comments about your neighbour taking forever to find how to follow your blog from her mobile phone, so it makes sense to add an easily visible follow block within the body of blog posts. Given I’ve picked up over 50 new followers since publishing the post that contains the subscribe blocks and poll, I’ll definitely be adding one once the poll closes next week. Those blocks have already done me a great job.

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    1. I thought you might get a kick out of that gargoyle, Hugh. One of these days I’ll get one, but it won’t be this big.
      It’s been fun reading the feedback about the follow block. Yes this sticks out like a sore thumb in this post. I saw a smaller one that I may try with the next SS post. I’m glad to read you have more followers, your how-to content is an excellent magnet for picking up new readers– congrats 👏! It would be interesting to know how many folks read from their mobile devices. It was interesting scrolling so long to find the follow/subscribe button on mine. A great experiment, and thanks for sharing your how-tos!


      1. From the comments I get on my blog posts, I believe most people read our blog posts while on the go from mobile devices, Terri. It’s not for me as I prefer reading posts on my desktop, but then I’m retired, so I have time to do so. I don’t trust my fingers on mobile devices, and I know I’ll leave comments that don’t make sense.

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