Smokey orb over pine trees
Wildfire smoke in Eastern Washington 2022; view from my front door

“Autumn resumes the land, ruffles the woods with smoky wings, entangles them.” β€”Geoffrey Hill

Smoky Spokane in September 2020
Wildfire smoke in Eastern Washington 2021
Riverside State Park, WA
Riverside State Park Sept 2020
Sunset over wind turbines
Smokey skies at Sacramento Delta 2020, and in the featured image
Western States trail
The area of Michigan Bluff was destroyed by the Mosquito Fire a week ago, one house away from my Dad’s home

Images shared for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge and Marsha’s Writer’s Quotes Wednesdays: Sight

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54 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

    1. We’re not sure if it was, Wayne, they are in the process of getting a permit to enter the area and check (for insurance purposes). We hope the home was burned so they can take their losses and move on. This was a pic taken a few years ago. Such a tragedy for that whole area.

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      1. I will, Wayne. I’ve been reluctant to share anything publicly on SM for fear what the finality will do to my Step-mom in case she saw an errant post. They are both safe with my step-sister in the town of Auburn. Thank you for your concern, it means a lot. My family spent a lot of Thanksgivings at their place in the mountains of Northern California, so we will miss those days. It’s a wait-and see time right now.


      1. I’m glad the smoke is clearing for you. We were pretty much out of it yesterday. We are back in the greens which means good air quality. We are now cloudy and in the 70s. What a nice relief from the 90s. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  1. That is super scary about your Dad’s house. Carey mentioned it, too, but not how close it came. You said he is safe, so that is good. There isn’t really a safe place from fire anywhere in the west. If Portland can burn anywhere can!

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    1. That pic is not of his house, but one just a 200 yards away, and from years ago. The CalFire map shows the area entirely burned, but dad has a permit to go in and see what’s left if anything. Like many small towns you hear about on the news that were demolished, I fear Michigan Bluff will be the next victim. Horrible! I couldn’t post my fears on FB in case my step-mom saw the post and panicked.

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  2. Hi Terri.
    Wow – where to start?

    First, we just finished a wild summer of unexpected travel, visiting one child and our DIL in Montana and relocating our daughter from Calif. to Michigan to start med school. She’s finally getting her chance to transform herself into a doctor. But we saw lots of road time through the PNW and lots of smoky days in both Wash and Oregon. Are you still in Spokane?

    Second, we somehow got disconnected and it was most likely my fault for not knowing what I was doing over a year ago when we first met. You had come across one of my early pieces of fiction that was more of a excuse to write about the sarcodes of our Yosemite area. Do you recall reading it? You were one of the first to see it and you were the first to comment on it.

    Anyway, I did not know how to stay in touch with readers back in those days and am trying to fix that. You mentioned that you would like to see further posts from me but I think I lost you at that point. My story collection has grown a lot since that story you read and I’d love to just let you know so you can check them out. I’ve posted 23 after posting ‘Pushing Winter Aside’ just in my 100-1000 word length, Flash Fiction collection. The full and growing collection is listed at this link (which is also a menu selection from my main site)

    Somehow I ended up with a second fungus adventure with:

    You impressed me as being an astute intelligent that I’d hoped to get to know better. This time, I’m finding a button to click so I can follow your posts.

    I hope this finds you well and loving life.

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  3. I’ve fallen a week behind here and catching up this weekend so hopefully it was not devastating for your father and his house was salvaged as a result of the Mosquito fire The sunset pictures you captured are beautiful Terri, but poignant at the same time for all that has been lost. Here in SE Michigan our sunsets have been vibrant as a result of the wildfire smoke from the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Plains. It has drifted here creating a gray haze. It was cooler last week and the haze was more prevalent, but this weekend was hot and humid so it’s not been as bad.

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    1. Washington had some fires near the Cascade Range that sent it our way too. One in Idaho probably blew toward you too. I posted today that we learned my dad’s house was actually spared, but there is likely smoke damage and all power is off in the area. It will be a while before anyone can move back in. thanks for stopping by, Linda!

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      1. So sad with all the wildfires. I can’t imagine people packing up and wondering from afar if they will have a home to return to. A lot of heartache Terri. Glad to hear your dad’s house was spared.

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