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leaf reflections
Autumn in Sacramento 2019

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”
— Elizabeth Lawrence

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Autumn SIGNature

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44 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Longing For Autumn

      1. Yikes, thank goodness we only got to 90f this summer in Swansea, Teri. And that was only for a couple of days. We’re back to the mid-70s now, and upper 50s at night. Perfect for a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Autumn isn’t quite the same now that we live in Arizona, but it certainly will be a welcome respite from the heat! We’re in southern California now for a family visit and the heat has evidently followed us here, although only in the 80’s during the upcoming week (and with humidity) as opposed to the 110+ the Phoenix area will “enjoy.” I do miss the fall leaves so thanks for a lovely reminder of them.


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    1. Especially in SD, Janis. Seems like autumn hits there around late November. I already spied a couple of yellow leaves on some trees today! After a beautiful fall in Sacramento, with the peak usually between Vets Day and Thanksgiving, we’d visit SD at Christmas and the Liquid Amber trees were in their fall glory.


  2. Love the colours on your photo. If only they would stay like that until late November when it snows but likely we will have wind and snow by mid October and the colour will be gone. Bernie

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      1. I have lived in Michigan for 56 years but because I walked to the end of the street and got the bus for 30 years to go to work and now have worked from home the last 11 years, it has made me even more of a Winter Weenie than I was when I had to drive to school.

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