Walking dogs on the Centennial Trail
Walking dogs on the Centennial Trail
kayaker through the trees
Views of a kayaker paddling Lake Spokane from Centennial Trail

“Make your heart like a lake, with a calm, still surface, and great depths of kindness.” – Lao Tzu

River SUP
Downstream Dreamy
Centennial Trail Sign
Centennial Trailer Marker

“The Centennial Trail is a nearly 40-mile paved recreational trail for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. The trail stretches from Sontag Park in Nine Mile Falls, Washington to the Washington / Idaho state line. It continues another 24 miles beyond the Washington state border into Idaho as the North Idaho Centennial trail through Post Falls and into Coeur d’Alene.”

Spokane County Parks and Recreation Centennial River Trail

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46 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday: Walking and Floating on the Centennial Trail

  1. Very scenic Terri, especially the lake reflections in the photo “Downstream Dreamy”. We have a 49-mile paved pathway that connects four metroparks. I don’t have a bike, just an exercise bike, so I’ve never tried it. It is just for bicycles and pedestrians.

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      1. Yes, they are really making progress making trails for biking here in Michigan, particularly the 2,000-mile Iron Belle trail. They used existing trails, pathways and connections, for the hiking/biking trail to go from Detroit to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. That shot was perfect – with a smartphone, you don’t need a camera anymore!

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  2. Hi Terri, Your pictures are gorgeous – too beautiful for no words. My favorite is the reflective lake. Is that you on the paddleboard? A note to Tofino. Our path along Watson Lake – Peavine Trail also allows no motorized vehicles, but we have taken our e-bikes on it. For one thing, we can pedal our e-bikes and the bikes are silent even when we aren’t pedaling. I take it to mean motorcycles and ATVs. I’ve never seen anyone with an electric golf cart on it either.

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      1. I need to get back on mine again, but it’s been raining so much here. I’ll send you a video Vince took in Scottsdale a few hours ago. They had a 50-year storm. It’s been raining gently but all day here. I wasn’t able to even get out for a short walk.

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      2. We are defintely getting it -every day almost all day. There’s a little bit of sun in the morning and that is about it. I just sent you a short video from Scottsdale that he took of the storm down there yesterday. People were boating in the streets.

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