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May the fourth be with you
May the 4th Maple Leaves

Partially inspired by Hugh’s Views and News new post and the fact that today marks the Star Wars sagas’ “May the Force Be With You,“ I couldn’t resist sharing my baby maple tree’s emerging spring blooms alongside last Fall’s leaf for Wordless Wednesday.

Cee’s FOTD

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28 thoughts on “Maple the Fourth Be with You on Wordless Wednesday

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! When I saw Hugh’s WW post I immediately thought at 7am this morning that I need to jump on May the 4th, and Wordless Wednesday. Maple rhymes with May, which once I uttered it out loud, it knew it was perfect (if not geeky). You get it my friend!

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    1. I’ve noticed the young trees are slower to leaf out, possibly due to the amount of sap running through the system. Many adult trees around here are almost fully leafed out. Thanks for the timely post, Hugh!

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